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  1. I dont no, but from my experience and down here in Charlston when course are more on the damp side these soles felt like they digged deeper than my previous Mizuons 59, 919f. It quite possibly be my swing is different than yours. I have been know to be a superintendents nightmare from divot standpoint. It was more in jest, but carry on.
  2. To piggy back off of Bigjim. I have the same set. absolutely love this set up for my swing. I was very loyal to the Srixon XV golf balls. Switched to Pro V1 and this combo has been deadly for me. Shot my best three rounds ever. Couple of Cons and small ones. If you are playing a soggy course that V Sole will dig a hole to china and the bag chatter shows.
  3. Damnit if only normal length. I mean i could cut them down. Uh
  4. Items have been dropped off. Will provide tracking numbers shortly once back in my office. prices have been adjusted. Would like to get the rest sold if possible by tomorrow.
  5. They are at the office i will have to pm you tomorrow morning once in with these measurements.
  6. sorry fat thumbs. These are 545 heads. I am trying to edit it now.
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