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  1. Yep. You did the right thing. Seller is an arse , as this thread demonstrates. Ive been very lucky with the bay.
  2. Our 9th leaves you out in the country. 13th brings you back to the clubhouse so thats our short course. A good number for an evening knock. Not golf though.
  3. We have clear 150 markers. We also have several raised greens up to 3 clubs deep. RF lets us know front, middle, back with certainty. I play off 11 and my yardages are pretty solid.
  4. I'm a big fan of Gary , though he did tend to overplay. He said he got 'lost' and didn't know he was doing it. Check out "Picture of the moon"
  5. Hard to play with the expression Mark puts in it.
  6. Have you got a good corset Obee? I had a back operation years ago and my corset is invaluable when it's heading for , or in, spasm.
  7. No. This guy is in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England. He was Yorkshire schools champion back in the day. My Phil is 3.8 index too! Phil Yates. They sound like twins seperated at birth!
  8. If you met my pal Phil (75) in the car park you would offer to help get his clubs out of his car. Then he woukd kick your arse all around the course. Infallible short game. Shoots his age regularly. He's had both knees replaced, one twice.
  9. I have no idea why they dont reissue the eye 2 and ISI ranges. It's difficult when you get it right early on.
  10. I have never been the fan of Tiger as a person that some of you guys have but the guy has massive guts and heart. Always comes back fighting. Amazing that he won again after his other surgeries. I certainly wouldn't rule out more. Remarkable. Good luck Tiger.
  11. Solheim was a genius, without him they are just another club maker. Same happened with Honda. Take away the man with vision and you become an 'also ran'.
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