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  1. I would have explained the etiquette to him. Why wouldn't you?
  2. Its a match between 2. They could toss a coin or agree to kick it round for me.
  3. In general play (not fitting), is it worth the upgrade?
  4. How do you judge if it's a 1 or 2 club headwind? Or how far a sidewind will knock you off line? I always underestimate. I've heard caddies on tv talk about 3 club winds. I don't think I've ever allowed that, even in some howlers.
  5. I got a similar deal on a set 4 to 9 of BeNi ISIs. (£110) I always wanted a set so hit it. Best thing I ever bought. Love em. I'm sure you would feel the same with the eye 2.
  6. I use the orange whip as a warm up tool and to improve my sequencing. The heavy head and flexible shaft make me xfer my weight and start the downswing from the ground up. If I increased the swing weight of my clubs would that give me the same awareness of the clubhead and help me take the whip rhythm to the course? I've got some lead tape on the way to try but wanted you guys opinion.
  7. Have been in Rotherham 30 years now. She wanted to come home to Yorkshire. In Thorpe Hesley.
  8. Yeah, that seemed the start of the slope. He seems too careful now. That Sevy like cavalier spirit is missing.
  9. I totally agree but that fire seems to be missing in Rory at the moment.
  10. I think hes now a multi millionaire family man, living the life. Hes not got Tigers (or many others) hunger. However when hes relaxed he rends to burn it up. Once he's played himself out of a tournament he seems to relax and it flows.
  11. I agree. Rory needs an old time top caddy, in my view. To keep him mentaly in the zone.
  12. Pete went into coaching because he couldn't putt. All his stable can though. As with Danny Willet, if he does not think hes right for them at the time he will suggest someone else. Hes a good guy, not ego driven.
  13. As a world renowned short game coach I think he may have a couple of tips.
  14. You don't think good putting starts between the ears?
  15. I'm fortunate. I live about 1 mile from Petes academy. I've seen him teach first hand and chatted to him often in his bar. Great, down to earth fella. He's very strong on questions like "Why do you think that happened? " "How did that feel" Technically he's very strong on sequencing. His team do teach Petes 'method' for we mortals. However I don't believe he will make any radical changes to a natural talent like Rorys. Ps His axe drill has helped everyone I know who has tried it.
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