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  1. I carry a medium bounce 50, a high bounce 54 and a low bounce 60. Bounce is by far the most important aspect in building a versatile set of wedges. I don't understand why people never mention it.
  2. I think if you send Ping the serial number they will give you all the details.
  3. As long as you know that everybody you meet and everybody they have met in the last 7 days do the same you should be ok. Funny how in times like this everybody has a reason why things don't relate to them.
  4. Same here. No lifting flags, no rakes, ball washers oob and no hand shakes.
  5. I had never heard of Wolf so I looked it up. Looks far too complex for our groups to even consider.
  6. I doubt the courses could do anything about his wife! ?
  7. It never occurred to me to even be bothered. I'm surprised anybody is..
  8. You have to have a love of the game. If you don't you just don't. I used to be a very good level dart player. Played 3 matches a week, practiced 5 hours a day. Got to a level of playing for London. My pals brother played maybe 6 times a year. He saw nothing in the game, didn't really like it. Could beat me any time he liked.
  9. I'm the 10 and I'm happy. My pal is the 8 and if it's just the 2 of us we play scratch. If its medal or stableford then shots apply. We've all been single figures so have the shots in our locker. Just harder to find these days. ?
  10. Not often. Maybe 1 in 4 or 5. They have to dovetail well and one of the singles be off. Rarely much in it though they're "good" 10 &12 just prone to the odd error. Tee distances very close.
  11. You have to change your wedges every 6 months anyway. Don't you?
  12. Would a new ball, left in a lake, the mud or on a retailers shelf for 1 or 2 years, play the same as a newly made one? In play, (undamaged) , how many holes would it maintain peak performance?
  13. They're happy. We throw the balls up and play better ball matchplay as the main game with a small individual side bet. The money goes round in circles.
  14. Our group are 7, 8,10 &12. We always play off scratch.
  15. Is that the steel one coated in gold finish, that stays gold?
  16. I think the first thing to do is teach him to sight what 100 yds looks like. Then get him a Bushnell.
  17. Surely if a fitting really worked you would have none if these issues. You shouldn't have to get used to clubs that are perfect for you?
  18. That looks an odd gap. What loft is your PW?
  19. All I can say is if I really push it I can get 115. It doesn't ballon for me. I feel for you. I can't imagine not having a 100/110 I was confident of. Good luck in your search.
  20. Wedge flex. Sm6. 12* bounce F grind. Great club
  21. There are enough threads like this to make me wonder ' does fitting really work?'
  22. Buying used. Was the sticker applied to conceal the damage?
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