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  1. .I'm selling a set of New Level golf iron set. The set consists of a 27* 4995 HB driving iron, 7 and 8 Modb-1 irons, and 9 and pw black 1126 irons. The 7-pw are shafted with KBS TGI 80 irons shafts. The 4995 HB is shafted with a KBS 70 hybrid reg shaft. They all have green Iomic grips and fancy BB&F ferrules. The playing lengths are 37.5", 37", 36.5", 36", and 35.75". Only used for a handful of rounds. More wear on the 9 and pw because of the black finish. Nominal chatter since I used neoprene covers. Asking $405 obo shipped
  2. Good afternoon. I need a bag recommendation for my 79 year old dad. We put an order in for a Vessel 2.0 stand bag with 14 way divider with his name embroidered on it early last month. Our inteneded xmas gift to him. After a few weeks of no communication, I asked for a status update. They said things are backed up and would probably get it mid March. So I cancelled the order. I now need recommendations on a bag. Super nice. I think we were around $400 on that Vessel, so something similar. If I can get his name embroidered on that would he a plus. He mostly r
  3. I'm selling my nearly new set of Raw Edel Variable Length Irons. The set consists of 5-pw. Since the lofts are written on the soles, the sets consists of 26*, 29*, 32*, 36*, 40*, and 44*. They are shafted with Shimada K's 3001 shafts in regular flex and gripped with gray Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips. They also have fancy BB&F ferrules. Playing lengths are: 38" 37.5" 37" 36.5" 36" 35.75" This has only seen one trip to the range where I only hit a few of the irons. No chatter whatsoever. Asming $850 obo shipped
  4. Good morning. Curious to see if anyone measured the raw weight of their KBS TGI Parallel shafts (in my case, 80) after trimming. After trimming my 9 iron shaft to play right at 36", the raw weight of the shaft (no grip, etc) is right around 62g! Does that sound right? I know these are 41" blanks and after trimming, the raw length is about 34.75". So I removed approximately 6.25". Would that account for the near 20g loss?
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