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  1. I’m an 8. New level 902s in 6-W and hybrid 5,4,3. Recently put the 5H in the bag and love it
  2. i LOVE my 902s.. Interest 100% peaked
  3. Anyone say New Level 902s yet? Man they're the bomb but on closeout now Heard the PF-2 we're good also
  4. I put one in the bag recently. Pretty ok swing speed (105-110 driver) and hit 5 iron better than average but man the mishits with a hybrid are so much better. High and LONG. I ordered mine the same length as my 5 iron from Golfworks and sat at the range for an hour comparing it to my 5 iron. Easy decision for me
  5. Don't have to glue it if you hit it hard enough (Net failure)
  6. This is the basement. It's all mine. Rest of the house is hers. I'm going to get a Net Return and then add some additional protection. Right now I hit more Foam balls just working on technique and nothing more than a short iron at the moment so ball speeds are low The fiber built is super nice though. The elbow tendonitis is gone that I had before from hitting off a cheap mat on bricks
  7. I bought a fiber built and it has helped my elbow a lot. Forgive the mess, this is how mine is setup
  8. I drive down from Atlanta to see Dan. It’s worth it.
  9. Yes, the sand is supposed to be there. I like the brush on the drill idea, save my back some with the broom maybe. Thanks I thought about pressure washing but was afraid of losing too much sand and having to learn how to put it back. lol. I've called 4 different companies. one flat out told me no Iwhich I can appreciate) and the others won't call me back Well the green certainly wasn't the reason for the purchase. I figured it to be an added bonus and it might get taken out in our backyard renovation plan which is why I don't want to put a ton of money into it. If I can clean it up and use it then so be it if it goes away that's ok too. I never imagined that the many turf companies. in Atlanta didn't want any work
  10. We have recently moved into a home with an artificial Green that has not been maintained. Looks to have mold and mildew growing. I'm having a devil of a time getting a company to even return my call to come look at it and estimate what it would cost to get it back in tip top shape. So I did a little research and ended up renting a plate compactor to loosen up the sand under it and have used a heavy duty broom to try and scrape the junk off the top then tried mold and mildew killer from Home Depot but I can't get the stuff off the top What else should I try? The broom brings up some of the sand and seems to get rid of a lot of the mold (black stuff) It's rolling slower now at least. No longer a 35 of the stimp. LOL. You can see the stuff growing here and the sand and mold from sweeping https://photos.app.goo.gl/8TdSpJ1ogpcu3N4j6
  11. New Level 902. I like Srixon also though
  12. Got these with MMT 105 shafts. Love them with Modus 120 but hoping the graphite helps with some arthritis and tendonitis
  13. I've got this old putter that I'd like to clean up. Can I do this at home or do I need professional help? I've got basic tools like angle grinders and sanders and dremels and what not Thanks
  14. Putter. Worst by far is Driver
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