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  1. My goodness that describes me to a T. I'm left handed but play righty. My coach has been trying for a year to get my right arm involved. When I get it correct, great ball contact and strong ball flight. When I don't use my right arm then it's off the toe. I also have to consciously think about keeping my right hand on the club
  2. I have both the 902s and z785s. I really like both sets of irons a lot. I'll take some side by side pics for you today. I like the shape of the 902s a little better and have them in the bag but the Srixons are awesome clubs also. The 902s feel more "solid" to me but they're not "clicky" or "hard" by any means.
  3. I found myself being a sweeper with them. When I struck down and compressed them they were awesome but I don't think they felt good at all a couple of grooves low from sweeping. I ended up playing z785s which were awesome and now new level 902s which I love. Hitting the ball beautifully. The 790s look great though
  4. Can I ask why on the Winns because I like them?. I can swing Winns in the dead of summer in Atlanta without a glove and hands are soaking wet. They just stick. I sweat A LOT. Downside to Winns is the frequent replacement. I'm personally just not a fan of corded grips either. Feel like I have to put a death grip on them
  5. I eye ball everything. I'm normally scoping the green as I'm walking to it from the rough/woods to see low points and high points etc. Once I'm at the ball I stand over it in putting stance and get the feel/line. 95+% of the time I'm done at that point and ready to putt it. If I back up at take a 2nd look and don't get the same read then I go with first instinct. Plumb bobbing or other tactics haven't made me a better putter.
  6. The setup on the AMG video is what shocked me. The ankle bend and shins forward and hips over ankles. My hips were way behind ankles are address
  7. 110 last Thursday.. 79 the next day with a 37 on the back. I'm an admitted headcase
  8. I'm a lefty that plays righty. I think about it all the time and have a set of left handed irons
  9. I did a horrid job of cleaning these after look at pictures but here we go. 4 sets of irons for sale All are OBO and will be shipped from Atlanta. If you're local and want to meet I can do that also. PM's will be responded to in order I receive them I'm getting out of the club ho game #1. Cobra MB/CB (4-GW) with KBS S Taper 120 and Golf Pride align standard grips. I believe standard LLL (5 iron measures 37.75) as I purchased them from PGA Superstore used and compared them to my irons $700 $650 OBO. Note: The GW has a different grip as I purchased it from Cobra directly Full size pictu
  10. Sony RX100 series gets good reviews from vloggers (couple of generations old will also work) and it almost pocketable. Could use a gopro also Check out dpreview.com for more info that you'd ever want to read
  11. What's wrong with a gopro? shoots 1080p @ 240 fps. Need more than that?. I use gopro for my video recording needs
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