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  1. Looking for a new putter. I like this Ping style and want toe hang. Would like some weight in the heel and toe. Milled face would be cool What's similar out there these days? https://photos.app.goo.gl/quim5Jsy4aiLYraY8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/GYesXBpVinTrpGBh7
  2. I got the gridiron version from BestGrips. Blew the first grip on and went outside to test it. Took about 10 swings, walked right back in the garage and took it off . That club wasn't going to stay in my hands for anything. 7/8 grips still brand new in packaging sitting in my garage. Nothing against BestGrips but I guess me and leather aren't going to get along
  3. Driver 260+ depending on strike PW - 110-115 (but that's more recent from 125-130) After years of golf swing smooth/easy is finally resonating. I've been working on the 100 yd 9 iron and the added control is suprising once you learn to hit it
  4. The only ones I've had slip were jumbomax ultralight. I put an extra layer of painters tape and they didn't slip anymore but all the "normal" grips I've installed with air compressor haven't slipped (Winn, GP, Iomic to name 3 I've tried)
  5. More club easier swing is the easy way. Taken me years to get over the stigma of clubbing up but it's the easiest. 120 yd 8 iron into the wind last night that probably didn't get 60-70' off the ground. My normal ball flight is 110' or so according to coaches Flightscope thingy Took me a lot of range time to figure out a 100 yd 9 iron. I make the same swing just shorten it to left arm parallel to ground then swing nice and smooth. My first few went way over 100 but you figure it out
  6. Few Things for sale today Iron Sets 2017 P790s. 4-AW Standard L/L/L as told to be my previous seller. DG105 stiff. Have crappy champkey grips blown on. $500 2017 P770s. 3-AW Standard L/L/L. built by club champion. NIppon Modus 120s. (3 iron has X100 shaft). 7 iron has a different ferrul. I took the head off for an experiment then put the shaft back in. $400 2019 Cobra MB/CB combo set. KBS $-Taper 120 stiff. Standard L/L/L. 8 iron shaft if flaking a little. 6 iron starts the CB. BTW these are cleaner than they look. I did a crappy job of cleaning
  7. I've fallen in love with my hybrids this year and the main thing for me is to "swing easy" or swing smooth. I try to be lazy at the top of my swing. Yanking at the top just kills long clubs for me. As the club gets longer I have to think think swing easier/smoother. I'm about as hard headed as it gets so it's taken 18 months for me to get this in my thick skull and funny thing is I haven't lost any distance. I've actually started hitting my 4 hybrid anywhere from 180 - 210 b/c I like it so much. Can just take a little off and hit a cut to make it shorter or swing normal and g
  8. I'm a pretty good iron striker (relative to the rest of my game). I'm more focused on 6 - 12" in front of the ball. That's where I want my right arm extended and right hand on "top". That's just my feel though b/c I tend to leave the face open a little bit sometimes
  9. My coach has been hammering on me to get my right arm involved for more than a year. I'm getting better at it but being left handed my first inclination is to pull with my left hand not push with my right. So ya, I try to. not always 100% successful though
  10. I'm left handed naturally but play righty. I bought an old set of Left handed AP2's for cheap and it only took me about 10 swings to hit a PW over 100 yds. I haven't made the decision to 100% turn around but it's a nice break when the right swing is frustrating me Buy a couple clubs and give it a go, Might be comfy. I'm left hand dominant and feel like that hand is controlling the face left landed. I have no such feeling from the right side
  11. My goodness that describes me to a T. I'm left handed but play righty. My coach has been trying for a year to get my right arm involved. When I get it correct, great ball contact and strong ball flight. When I don't use my right arm then it's off the toe. I also have to consciously think about keeping my right hand on the club
  12. I have both the 902s and z785s. I really like both sets of irons a lot. I'll take some side by side pics for you today. I like the shape of the 902s a little better and have them in the bag but the Srixons are awesome clubs also. The 902s feel more "solid" to me but they're not "clicky" or "hard" by any means.
  13. I found myself being a sweeper with them. When I struck down and compressed them they were awesome but I don't think they felt good at all a couple of grooves low from sweeping. I ended up playing z785s which were awesome and now new level 902s which I love. Hitting the ball beautifully. The 790s look great though
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