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  1. There is not a hope in hell I would even come close to the last place finisher (+11) at the ANA. Any 4 handicapper that says otherwise is totally and utterly dreaming !!!!
  2. I reckon there are some dreamers here.. I regularly play with, and caddie for, one of Australia's leading amateur female golfers. Her current handicap is +3.7, I'm a 4.3.. There is not a hope in hell that I will get anywhere near her. I may beat her once or twice - where she's having a stinker and I'm on, but overall I don't get near her - and yes, we play from the same tees (6,200 meter course 133 slope).. Having said that, I also regularly play with a male +1.2. Same deal - may beat him once or twice, but overall - no chance. In my opinion, the male +1.2 wil
  3. 50, 54, 60 for me. None of them would be a full shot. 50.12F Vokey is one of the least used clubs in the bag. Would rather hit my PW (MP20 MB). 54.14F Vokey is for sand and anything within 70m. 60.05 R series Mizuno is for those around the green flops only (and any hard packed bunkers).
  4. Love the way the X Flex C-Taper lite's feel in my 4-PW. 2 iron is going to find it's way into the bag, and more than likely will stick with the HMB family. Finding it difficult to find somewhere to test UDI shafts - anyone have any suggestions that will transition the CTL's into a quality UDI graphite shaft. Cheers
  5. Ordered mine Min 24 Oct, arrived Wed 30th. 3-6 HMB, 7-PW MB with C-Taper Lite X. +1/2” and 2* upright. About to go and have my first hit in 20 min, but it looks like Mother Nature May have other thoughts with electrical storms forecast.
  6. Ordered my combo set on Monday. Seems to be a popular make-up based on what I’m reading here. Coming from 716 AP2’s with Modus 120 x shafts. Was lucky enough to have both a 6 & 7 irons in all 3 MP20 models to try out before settling on 3-6 HMB, 7-PW MB with C-Taper Lite X. +1/2” and 2 upright. If a recall, there’ll by a 5 degree loft difference between the 7MB and 6HMB, although can’t remember exactly which clubs will be bent to cater for the gaps between the 2 clubs in their standard setup. Feels like a bit of a change in mentality in regards to set make-up too Previously,
  7. Cheers for that. I recall ‘wanting’ to hit the Nippon more because it looked better in flight, but there was something about the $ Taper that felt right (or righter if that’s a word). From a swing point of view, I’ve had two sessions with my teacher over the past 2 months. He’s nicknamed me ‘Flipper’ - not a term I was familiar with, but have come to know it as not rotating enough and compensating with too much wrist action. Has me on the impact bag and a weighted club on alternate nights and going back in 2 weeks to check on progress. Looks like the Modus is the way to go. Kind of knew, bu
  8. WRX's, Had the opportunity to test out quite a few shafts this past week, and has me thinking whether to go the upgrade route. In true WRX fashion, not sure it is entirely warranted, although would love some expert eyes to help. Some info: Home course is known for being quite windy. Current ball flight is a high balloon, with my 3-5 iron misses going HIGH and right (right-hander). Have been known to hit 7 irons that resemble full wedge shots in both distance and height. Would love to knock off some spin and into a more penetrating ball flight. Current irons are 716 AP2's with DG S300'
  9. I checked that too... How about taking it a step further (or back) - would the profile change drastically by simply buying the HZRDUS shaft and putting it into my M1 ?
  10. G'day all (yes - posting from Australia - first time/not so long time), I recently went through a full driver fitting with a company here in Oz. Tried just about every new driver/shaft combo there is on the range with Trackman and finally settled on the Ping G400 LST - 8.5 - HZRDUS Black65. 6.9 flex with a D5 swing weight (most of which sounds foreign to me). Currently gaming the TM 2016 M1 @ 9.5 with a stiff KuroKage shaft. Dispersion difference between the 2 clubs is ridiculous !!! Now the catch - quote for the new club was $1,279 AUD ($973 USD) - something the Home Finance Minister will
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