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  1. Ball position. Back further for a draw, and further forward for a fade. For height, I change how far I stand from it. Here's Elk explaining it:
  2. Ping S-55. I'm happy with my new 0211ST irons, but those Pings were special. I'm actually looking into getting new irons already, which is something that took four years to happen with the S-55. Yes, I have a problem lol.
  3. I got mine this past Monday. 9 days total if my math is correct.
  4. I have had my Aeroburner "3HL" (it's a 16.5 degree 4 wood if it is honest) forever. I am replacing virtually every club in my bag this year except it. It's my favorite club ever. It is almost point and shoot for me.
  5. Got fit into a TSi3 yesterday, and can't wait to get it. Does anyone here have any details to share about the turnaround time from order to delivery? They quoted me 3-4 weeks which seemed somewhat excessive for a fairly stock build on a driver, but I've never personally dealt with them or Titleist either. Thanks everyone.
  6. An out to in, steep swing path happens as a result of other things. As others have said, no one, not even the best instructors here on this site, is going to be able to assist you with a meaningful answer without seeing your swing. I'll say this though; I wasn't an "out to in" guy, but I did come down steeper than my backswing plane. How did I fix it? I took lessons online with iteach. He broke down my swing and what I was doing wrong. He then provided me personalized drills to fix the issue. I think you should look into it, or into Monte. Both of them have awesome turnaround times, and each lesson costs less than a round of golf.
  7. A box-set of Northwesterns. I learned the game on them. I want to say 10/11 years old, so late 90s. Were they crap? Absolutely. But I loved and cherished them. I also had a cheap Dunlop putter, and I remember taking white out and putting the Scotty Cameron Te3 dots all over the back because Tiger used one at the Masters.
  8. 5 Callaway Driver Taylormade 3Wood PXG irons and hybrid Ping Wedges Scotty Putter. Probably replacing the driver and putter this weekend lol
  9. I got them and I love them. Pretty forgiving for blades.
  10. These are amazing. Great job! (P.s. where do I get them? lol)
  11. How long was the turnaround time? I got fit and purchased on Saturday and still haven't gotten much in the way of notification on build/delivery.
  12. I got fit for the 0211ST blades this past weekend. The experience was great. I am sure an in-depth fitting is always going to improve a player's performance, and that was among the best I've had so far.
  13. I'll add that I ordered this roughly a week and a half ago and it has been delayed by USPS because of the weather and all that... but Max Swing Speed has been super responsive and helpful even when USPS has not provided any updates. Awesome company to work with and I can't wait to get swinging.
  14. The good old fashioned compound lifts: Overhead Press Bench Press Bent Over Rows Deadlifts and of course... Squats. I'd check out a program like Starting Strength if you need a basic program to get you into the swing of things. A great way to get really strong.
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