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  1. Anyone use one of these for speed training? Seems they have corrected an issue where it would top out at 114 mph (which if using speed sticks, isn't ridiculous for many when using that lighter club). I haven't fully tested it but it at least gets up to 130 mph now. I know I am in the minority for this one and finding someone else that can confirm or deny this will be a stretch, but anyone else notice it seems to cap at 178 mph ball speed? It still does even after the fix so it is quite annoying. I wanted to kill two birds with one stone which was gps for the course, and a simp
  2. There is also the Garmin G80 if you like to kill two birds with one stone. It is reliable at picking up shots but if you are really fast, it seems to cap out. It also measures practice swings now, thought that also currently caps out at a number that for most, is high enough where it won't be a problem.
  3. The tour would have to start playing wide open 10,000 yard courses to attract that kind of athlete down the road. Currently, the average distance is coming up to meet what is generally beneficial for playing top tier golf (pending all the other skills are also there). Those that can pummel the ball well beyond average aren't exactly dominating the sport. I don't doubt there will be a guy that is very tall and hits it super long with ease and has game elsewhere, but he will likely be the type that had no interest in basketball, or any other sport where his height and athleticism would have g
  4. For some reason, my gut is telling me Gary Woodland.
  5. I always thought that if you open up your hips at address, it doesn't give you more power, it just helps get your hips open faster which can allow you to pour on more speed while still timing things well enough to hit the ball on target and solid.
  6. Not sure how having a bad grip, as defined by mainstream golfing instruction, or being a 15 cap makes him ineligible to discuss topics that interest him and he may have some interesting point of view on. Edit: also, if you aren't causing a problem, then no need to defend yourself. Anyways, I got my point across. Hopefully this thread gets more interesting and less trollish.
  7. Constructive debate is healthy, and what would be nice to see. I don't see much of it thus far in either thread of his. I for one found his point of view on this an interesting one.
  8. You guys are being way to hostile towards this guy. He is going to fight you all to the end and this thread is going to continue to be one big crap show. First try to understand before judging and laying into the guy. I know what it is like to be misunderstood and to come off the wrong way in online forums. So many are quick to judge and rile up people instead of actually try to have a meaningful conversation. Come on guys, do better.
  9. The OP isn't looking for help from anyone, he is looking to converse about a single IDEA, if I have interpreted it correctly. I agree with his idea as being a key thing to a fast, athletic swing but it is only part of the puzzle. I think the frame work is just as important as the athletic feel of creating that lag or athletic whipping action like throwing a baseball, or even a frisbee. I think the OP knows this, but is just sound boarding his thoughts on the lag principle. Its the right thought imo from a conceptual/athletic point of view as far as creating speed is concerned.
  10. Yes I get it. I am just stating a thought out loud from observing your swing, you can take it or leave it. People often do that in threads, aka create a tangent, or expand the conversation. I just like to see naturally quick people like us, with less than ideal swings see our full potential. Your first step is a good one conceptually imo, I would love to see where you end up once you address the rest.
  11. Never made that claim, I agreed that with some lessons, you could be a rockstar distance wise, and probably lower that cap a lot. Your feel could be a big piece of the puzzle but it is just one piece. If you can manage to get all of the pieces working in harmony, under some better constraints, you will realize your potential.
  12. I agree that he has a lot to gain with some lessons and making it even more efficient than it is perceived to be. The driving force would be that he has untapped potential and it isn't too late to realize some of that if the effort is made. It is the state I am in. While fast with less than ideal mechanics throughout the swing, I do some things right that allow me to achieve pretty above average velocity. I am motivated by the fact that it could be even higher, and the fact that I can realize that potential more often and make use of it on the course. Currently, I don't always have the ti
  13. @chipaI want to apologize for how many in this forum are behaving. Instead of an enlightening conversation, they poke fun, or refute your claims calling you a troll. I for one am one of those mid cappers with a less than optimal swing that can really move a club and the feel of "lag", while taboo in golf teaching circles, still can describe a movement that seems to net more raw speed. You should not get ridiculed for stating your speed and such, even if it is or isn't measured wrong. We have all done it as most of us don't have access to quality measuring equipment and only have what we me
  14. I bet he announces he will participate in world long drive. nvm, I missed the announcement. NFT cards bleh.
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