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  1. In my experience it can be consistent. If you swing the same and your low point or release doesn't really vary too much, you will get pretty consistent numbers. If you have a high degree of face rotation, it gets more off. The faster you swing, combined with this face rotation means you can get way off. For instance, I can make it read upwards of 140 when hitting golf balls but I am nowhere near that on Trackman. The without a ball thing I assume is because when you don't swing at something, your low point/release will vary and your maximum won't be near the ball/radar. That
  2. Take a look at this. He accidentally has it in baseball mode for the fairway wood and driver swings I think. Was close on the fairway wood but still off on the driver swings. It should be closer than it would otherwise be in the normal golf mode. I think it basically reduces the output number by a flat percentage because with a baseball bat, it would see the end of the bat, not the sweet spot. The reduction converts the end of the bat speed to a more reasonable sweet spot speed. At least that is what I recall reading somewhere, I could be misremembering but I think it was something like
  3. I am really interested to see where this thread goes and see if some people in the know will chime in. I may be in the same boat you are. I have large potential based on my superspeed numbers but I can't make that happen at the ball currently and I have early extension among other things. That video above was a great watch but they did no mention of if the guy gained physical speed overall, or just moved the same speed to be at impact.
  4. If you want to post your increases with a similar product, go for it, I just request that you make it known it is for a different product. I can't accommodate them all with my list of questions, but certainly do your own sort of format if you like. I will update OP saying as much. Thanks.
  5. Interesting. Maybe you always had that speed but it was being dumped or cut short early in the swing? Edit: Had a thought. If this were somehow the case, I wish there were more accessible ways to see this. Imagine if a person knew they had 15 more mph to tap into via information from an accurate device of some sort. That would be some good motivation to get some help and realize that potential I would think.
  6. Keep at it, you will see more separation I would think soon. As long as they show distinct separation, I think you have nothing to worry about.
  7. Everyone, if you have been tracking your data closely, or know your before and after numbers, please consider posting them in the thread linked below. Lots of stories of improvement, and failure in here and since this is such a popular system, I thought it would be beneficial to capture data in one single, concise thread. This one has great discussion but it has become much too large to find all the data people have posted. That and a lot of it was ruined from the change in website by golfwrx. If you would be so kind and take the time to reply to the data thread, I and probably many others
  8. NOTE: If you have data you would like to share from similar products, feel free but please mention the product you used in your post. Also, feel free to sort of mimic my format down below but adjust it accordingly as different products will not have the same lingo (example: SSG has green, red, blue sticks for primary program, others have removable weights etc.) The intent of this thread is for people to post their data for this system (so hard to find in the other huge thread). Please post in the format below (and please no posts with discussion, there is enough of that in the o
  9. Been a while since I posted in here but I have an update to an observation I made some time ago. I have observed over a dozen people seemingly have as fast or faster swing with an off the shelf 45 inch driver when measured on trackman vs their peak numbers with the red stick. They seem to correlate for many people. Of those that it hasn't correlated well, I hypothesize they either have a mental issue when a ball is in front of them, or they have swing flaws that prevent them from going at it as much as they can with the speed stick. They might miss the ball entirely if they did for instanc
  10. I have admiration for Bryson as I can relate to being a pave your own way, do your own thing and who cares what others think type of person. I also have long preached to people that speed/distance can be learned if you want it bad enough. It might take some combination of things like swing efficiency improvements, and specific gym workouts, but the sky is almost the limit. I personally believe the average mildly athletic male golfer has roughly 115 club head speed in them if they just practice wailing on balls at the range once and while and training their body to go fast. Bryson has a hig
  11. Funny you tagged me on this. I just recently tested my M1 on a launch monitor and had total spin as low as 1071. I only took a handful of rips in my garage but around 1k spin came up a few times and each time it did, it was off that hot spot (high toe side of center). So I think I confirmed at least my observations were true that this M1 is a low spin monster compared to my past drivers at the same loft. The spin axis was also more than expected but I am not surprised. I had extra trouble with too much hook spin. So for me, in its lowest spin setting, the ball flight is usua
  12. So TXG did a video comparing ST to GCQuad. I know that as of around May 2020, the ST had a firmware update that was supposed to correct its low ball speed readings that were a common problem for faster players (as was the reason for this thread). The numbers TXG got showed that ST seemingly broke the ball speed reading the other way now, that or they got a unicorn of a unit. I owned 2 and both had the same 4-8 mph consistently low in ball speeds over ~150 mph. If anyone reading this has the means to do so, or already has tested an updated ST against GC2, GCQ, Flightscope or Trackman, could
  13. I saw this guy at the event. Maybe he did it?
  14. Yeah. I wish it wasn't so hard to have actual conversations on these threads. Everyone causes tangents and can have to go on the defensive or whatever. I liken forums like this to a game of telephone (you know, the game where you say a sentence to one person and they say it to the next and the next and so on. Eventually it turns into something completely different than what was said.) Something to this effect happens all of time in forums and you have to field misunderstandings from multiple people at a time, then it happens again later, and again and again. It is difficult to get anywhe
  15. I was more or less speaking to how well his thoughts where laid out and how clear he was with his thoughts. I could care less of the content. But since you are talking content, his questions are more or less why I have suggested several times that RBs should test thoroughly outside of the tour to find the perfect solution. All of those things that were posted are variables to me as far as a hypothetical solution is concerned. (Once again, entertaining the idea of a solution only for fun, I don't believe a solution is needed because I don't believe there is a problem).
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