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  1. If it's not a true "crack", I wouldn't be overly concerned. It doesn't even look as deep as the "grooves" on the driver face. I've definitely heard of some TM drivers having a similar pinhole but I thought that it was typically in the center of the face.
  2. Costco UK: https://www.costco.co.uk/Camping-Sports-Spas-Leisure/Outdoor-Sports/Golf/Callaway-Hex-Tour-Soft-Golf-Balls-24-Pack/p/1467368
  3. The conforming list only shows the variations with white for the Z-Star and Z-Star XV. Also, it's not clear when or if any of the divide balls beside the QST red/yellow will be available for North American and European markets.
  4. I don't find the FJ athletic fit to taper much at all. To me, they are more like a standard fit from other brands (Puma, Adidas, etc.). I find the FJ standard fit to be very boxy and very long with ridiculously large sleeve openings.
  5. I have to wear their "athletic fit" polos for any semblance of a normal fit for me. Those fit me like standard fit polos from other brands. The options for patterns and colors decrease dramatically when limited to athletic fit.
  6. Some would say that the Q-Star (2 piece, non-urethane) is actually overpriced. If you don't mind playing older models, you can still find QST performance packs (6 balls) for $9.99 at various places online.
  7. I guess I'd probably need to see the bag in person or see pictures of water bottles in the pockets with the specs of the water bottles to wrap my head around this. The critiques on the previous pages about those pockets being too small are very strong: only holds basic disposable bottles, worthless, useless, dumb, etc.
  8. Any chance that a 24oz hydroflask type water bottle can fit into the water bottle pockets or are they just too small?
  9. I got one because I liked the frog. The wet/dry "technology" was not a factor in the decision. I've told myself numerous times that I would cut off the strips that say "Frogger" but I've never gotten around to it.
  10. If you don't see much difference in balls, it's probably best to use that pro shop credit on something else and finding a different source for balls. $100 credit probably only fully covers 3 dozen Velocity or 4 dozen if you add money on top of that. Compare that to 7 or 8 dozen balls of other surlyn options or KSig 3 piece balls.
  11. It's updated each month. https://www.usga.org/ConformingGolfBall/gball_list.pdf
  12. Yes, they've been on the conforming list for quite some time.
  13. I have an old 2019 Maxfli Tour box that has a couple of patent numbers on the back and one of them is for dimple pattern. The name and location of the inventor on the patent seems to link to Hye Precision in Perry, Georgia. I don't have a box for the 2019 Tour X or any of the 2021 balls.
  14. Glad you found something you like. I just don't think I could see myself paying that much for a non-urethane ball. So many urethane balls available for less than the ERC soft and tons of non-urethane balls for much. much less.
  15. I haven't seen anything on mgs for the 2021 Maxfli balls but I may have missed it. They did cut the 2019 ones in half for the 2019 ball test they did.
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