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  1. I have been really struggling with tennis elbow (playing too much golf) since October. I have been going to PT ever since and not swinging a golf club. I am getting nervous since the season is approaching and my elbow is no where it needs to be to start playing again. Has any one ever had this issue? Any one received A platelet rich Stem cell injection? Looking for any feed back to speed up this recovery. I just want to golf!!!
  2. 168 yard 7 iron with a beautiful baby draw. It was early morning and the guy on the lawn mower pulled over to the side to let me hit. I saw the ball disappear but wasn’t sure if it dropped in the cup. I was going crazy when I found it in the hole. I ran up to the guy on the mower and asked if he saw it but he was looking at his phone! After my round I was determined to buy anyone at the bar a drink but the bar wasn’t even open yet! But, regardless if anyone saw it or believes me, it was still one of the highlights of my life and I will always treasure that memory and that amazing f****** shot.
  3. Are you a club or teaching pro? Question: Do you still get out and play? Do you still enjoy the game or are burned out from being around the game so much. Several pros I know only get out and play a couple times a year for fun a couple don’t seem to enjoy it all that much anymore.
  4. Anyone know the rate if you are not staying at the Hotel?
  5. Are there any courses in the Riviera Maya area that are not $200 a pop? Anything in the ball park of $80-100 that's worth playing?
  6. I can sign in on my safari browser but not using the wrx app. I have reset my password several times with no success. Advice?
  7. Thanks for all the good advice. I have a club fitting on Friday and will put my clubs up against the new ones in the launch monitor.
  8. I have been playing hand-me down Titleist DCI 981’s from my dad. The clubs are pushing 20 years old I’m guessing. I have been playing a lot this year (50 rounds or so) and took 10 strokes off my game. I am currently shooting low - mid 80s and occasionally upper 70’s. My Iron play is probably one of the stronger parts of my game. When I research the 981’s they get nothing but praise, but am I loosing out by not upgrading to something like the AP3? Is there really that much forgiveness in these newer generation of irons? Thanks!
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