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  1. Jordan Spieth is my pick. I think Patrick Cantlay will be there too. Scottie S my dark horse.
  2. https://www.golfgalaxy.com/f/nike-major-golf-tournament-scripting?filterFacets=facetStore%3AISA%2CSHIP a look at Rory and Brooks scripting for the masters.
  3. It’s his day, I like him at Augusta.
  4. Just bought the other color of this. Super excited at that price.
  5. You have a link? Can’t find on the app.
  6. Nike should really consider signing someone under the TW label soon. With Tiger out the whole line will go unworn this year.
  7. Thank god not life threatening. I know it raises questions with his past but just as everyone does he deserves this to be treated as a normal accident unless something else is raised.
  8. Please be ok. I don’t care if he golfs again. We just need the man.
  9. So happy to see Spieth loose again.
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