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  1. Bought the Brooks polo off of eBay. The Nike polos are much improved and softer than the first iterations. Can’t wait for my Tigerslam one to arrive.
  2. Kind of off topic but do you guys know of a Nike golf apparel archive? Would be kind of cool to see scripts from a few years ago etc.
  3. The emotion makes me happy for DJ. Not a huge fan but undoubtedly the best in the world right now.
  4. That Arnold Palmer the Nike polo is awesome. Did it ever retail?
  5. Happy for him. It’s been a battle
  6. 00steven

    2020 US Open

    Guy deserved it, don’t care to hear any moaning about how he’s “bad” for the game.
  7. I really like Brooks but can’t be surprised with the style of his game that he is having injury problems. Makes Tigers run at the top look that much more incredible.
  8. Field is so deep and those guys are great, just many others too. My top 4 currently would be Rory JT Brooks DJ
  9. Ridiculous to have that as a penalty and as far as I’m concerned AGAINST the rules of golf. How can us weekend players play in good faith? Do I need my buddy to zoom in on his iPhone if I’m playing out of the rough? Regardless great for Rahm
  10. The outcry will be too much. I believe the tour will be postponed. Odds are we won’t get back to normal until spring.
  11. This is awesome all the way around. Well done, plus ribbing Chuck lol.
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