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  1. I like the current lineup Paulsons included.
  2. I like the way Brooks is scripted usually. Nike sometimes gets too sideways with majors scripting, but a normal Brooks look is athletic and sharp.
  3. https://twitter.com/bubbawatson/status/1443738907040837635?s=21
  4. I knew this would happen eventually
  5. Shot a 42 at my home course. Should’ve been a 40 but got too jacked after some good shots.
  6. The only right answer is Fred Couples. They need to get over their issues with him and make it happen. Phil, Johnson, Tiger next.
  7. Captain Stricker has done a phenomenal job. Sticks to plan, winning mentality.
  8. Hoodie looks good. I think the hoodie is now acceptable golf attire!
  9. He won’t, but I love the mentality. It’s very interesting to see a player get up specifically for the majors.
  10. Reed should’ve been picked if the goal is to win. It’s rather silly that anyone would say Scottie should be on the team first and I like him. Like him or not, Patrick is clutch.
  11. Lot of disrespect to a 4 time champ.
  12. Just bought the classic 99 black hat from this year after my 2018 hat had the logo peel off. Very nice fit and look compared to before!
  13. WGC’s need an overhaul. Sad to see the Northern Trust out of the playoffs.
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