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  1. You guys are all wrong. Reggie is an Angel....don’t u remember.....
  2. Thrilled for my team Leeds United. They won the Championship last season and have found themselves right in the middle of the pack in the Premier League.
  3. In no particular order: Tiger King Ozark Bosch Ted Lasso Schitt’s Creek Queen’s Gambit a handful of others I just can’t think of right now
  4. This makes me want to cry. A very sad day. 2020 just won’t let go of its grip on the world. Godspeed Tiger!
  5. I'm gonna go with Jimi Hendrix.....Voodoo Child
  6. If you keep in in the foil, put it in a cooler and surround it with towels, you should be able to make it down there without issue. But I think the question you need to ask yourself is what are you going to do with it after you get there. Where are you going to store it after you've eaten a little bit of it?? Are you eating this by yourself or is it for a group? I don't imagine you are going to shred and eat the whole thing in one sitting unless you have 5 or 6 other guys with you. If you're going solo, might be easier to shred a few individual sized servings and bring them down. Easy to
  7. You guys must not like bourbon.....cuz if you did, I’d be at the top of your list!
  8. What's the male equivalent????? It's probably her telling you that her old boyfriend's d**k is way bigger than yours. That would suck.
  9. "Go practice spitting out teeth.....I'll be there in a minute!"
  10. Wow. If I said anything like that to my mother (or even something half as bad), she would have worn my backside out in front of everyone.
  11. Well, this post has generated quite the discussion.....
  12. Well, this post has generated quite the discussion.....
  13. Yes. In person as well. Took my (then) 5 year old to the Zurich in New Orleans a few years back.....my son and I were standing next to the ropes between 2 holes.....Spieth comes by and runs over to the other side where we were standing to give my son a high five and one of his ProV1s. No cameras on him.....just a kind act. Something my son will never forget, nor will I for that matter.
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