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  1. Plastic on, plastic off. Hit them a few times in the sim before my round tomorrow. Closest feeling to my Miura CB 501s I’ve ever felt in an iron. BUTTER!
  2. Gaming the TSi2 driver and 3 wood in 10 and 15 degrees. 20 seems like a natural progression with the TSi3. I also have a really high ball flight, so I don't see that being an issue. The shape of it looking like it wants to hook 40 yards left is the problem. Currently using an only 915 hybrid at 21 degrees. Anyone bag these yet?
  3. This is one of the reasons I just pulled the trigger on a set of P7MCs instead of 770s. I have the 790s, gave them to my brother who's newer to golf. The control was the deciding factor. Tighter front to back dispersion. Can't wait for them to come in this weekend!
  4. The yardage gap from your 54 to your 48 degree gap wedge, any idea what it will be? I hit the T100s GW about 125-130 yards and I hit a 54 around 100-105. It’s a big reason why I sold them and might go back to the regular lofted set.
  5. Just picked up the 10 and 15 TSi2. Very interested in looking at a 19 or 21. Are shaft options out?
  6. Got rid of my T100S, the gap at the bottom of the bag was too big. I’ll probably be going back to the regular T100s, still great irons though for anyone looking to grab a few yards while keeping everything that made AP2s the goat iron.
  7. Thanks @tigerfan23! Now I need to buy some irons.
  8. Just got this today, same shaft in 10 degrees! GLWS, shouldn't last long. Great price.
  9. I have a 56 and 61 hi-toe... Would the AW be too big of a gap from my 56? Anyone else playing a similar gap?
  10. Any long term reviews on the T100s?
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