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  1. Have been considering one of these but as I will use it with a stand bag think the new features of the 4 might help slightly with that, like the silicon straps helping to stop it twisting. Would consider a 3.5+ but always the thing of not wanting to buy something that might be replaced with a new model quickly. As one poster already said its hard to support a company that announces something in January, has a page for it on its website but not linked from the main page and by October there is no news on a release date. Will probably look elsewhere now.
  2. When one needs to spend a bit of time in the corner of the garage having a little think about what it has done.
  3. Not sure why they needed a cannon could have got someone on this site to take a bit off one with a smooth cut.
  4. I bought a "used" G400 from eBay very cheaply as the seller "couldn't get along with it". When it arrived the plastic sticker was still on the face so wondering if the reason he didn't get on with it was that it was too low spin! Obviously when I took the sticker off it looked brand new, however I then proceeded to put a big mark on the face 2nd time I used it!
  5. These? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2018-TaylorMade-Mens-FlexTech-Lite-Stand-Bag-Dual-Strap-Carry-5-Way-Divider-Golf/132419196945?epid=16010700692&hash=item1ed4cc9811:m:mwSyYx84JscFxKQx6ZfXBuw https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2018-TaylorMade-Mens-Supreme-Cart-Bag-New-Golf-Trolley-15-Way-Divider-Top/162783633435?epid=12010693017&hash=item25e6a9201b:m:mA_CVeqPwndFvHs33RHMnxw https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2018-TaylorMade-Mens-Flextech-Crossover-Stand-Bag-Dual-Strap-Carry-14-Way-Golf/162783429627?hash=item25e6a603fb:m:mBApx-xcmsMBU1cRL4sPkCw I like the blue and grey Crossover.
  6. Rich Beem on Sky just said he saw Rors int the locker room with the Scotty putter he won his his US Open with addressing it saying it still looks good, but when asked it he was going to put it in play said "I better not". Why would he even have that with him?
  7. Looks like some sort of chorded grip on it which I have not noticed before
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