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  1. This is incredibly upsetting. It always blew my mind how much better prices were through sellers on RGM than places like eBay or TSG. The best part was how insanely fast shipping was from virtually any seller to my home. I remember when UST released "The Attas". I made the purchase on Thursday, seller installed the adapter and grip of my choice, shipped the item, and it was at my home in Kentucky by Saturday afternoon. Always good communication. I've had a couple sets built to spec by just ticking the boxes on Rakuten and they arrived perfect every time. On the other hand, for me, going throug
  2. I'm glad to see people still loving these irons, keep wanting to revive the thread to hear people talk about them.
  3. Setup: Adidas Duffle Louisville slugger Putter/Chipper combo Ball retriever Jani*King Towel x3 Bug Spray Sleeve of Pro V1 For following groups. I hide in the woods, waiting for someone to hit their ball out of bounds or in the water. That's when the fun begins. Bat is for in case someone gets upset and wants their ball back. Putter/chipper is so I don't stand out. Towels for drying off.
  4. Hope it isn't a problem reviving this old thread. Want to see who is still using the 302s. Found some coppers around this time last year and really enjoyed using them throughout the season. Not looking to change clubs for the first time in a long while!
  5. > @Rory4Pres said: > hopped up outta bed, turn my Swag on, uhnn get money. took a look in the mirror said wassup
  6. > @wmblake2000 said: > Yow. Ok, that's the tall cotton. But we should meet once we get new clubs and play together! I have to go to India for 2 months, will have new heads waiting when I get back. One of the pains of this is I lose the capacity to reach wrx while there. India is blocked for some reason by wrx. Just get a vpn and connect to a server in a country that allows wrx.
  7. On the putter...does anyone know if that looks like a white paint fill that just turned a little tan with the rust and dirt, or is that a yellow fill? I've been wanting to have a Byron made similar to putters like this but can never tell what the paint fill actually is.
  8. Much appreciated, guys. I've never had much common sense, it looks like. This has definitely steered me in the right direction.
  9. I need a little character in my office, so I'm trying to think of a way to display a set of irons on the wall. I'm not too crafty, so building my own would be out of the question. Does anyone know of something like this? Not having much luck. I did see a couple mounts, but they only had about 4 slots and looked to me like something you'd hang fake clubs on in a guy's basement after his wife told the interior decorator he liked to golf. Thanks, fellas.
  10. I don't see any reason for you to switch to the EZ, its just a minor improvement in forgiveness. I guess it depends on how much you plan on playing from here on out. If you intend to play more than just a few times a year, I recommend you work on your swing and learn to hit the center of the club face more frequently. Those 850s offer plenty of forgiveness on off center hits while you're improving. Depending on how serious someone is about getting better at golf, I'll even recommend them practicing with blades, but that's a can of worms that I don't want to open up. Best of luck!
  11. Anyone on here rolled one yet? Considering replacing my Yamada with one of these.
  12. > @pcs11 said: > Love all the Attas stuff! Underrated line of shafts His 2018 WITB inspired me to try "The ATTAS" which looks like he has in a fairway wood now. Also bought the "Attas EZ" hybrid shaft (from like 2014) and I like it better than the DI-85 that I used for a few years. Much smoother. Great shafts that nobody talks about. That orange one must be a prototype of some sort. I've seen nothing about it. Anyone else know anything about it?
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