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  1. I had my ping irons flattened (red dot) and hit lovely controlled high fades. Just bought the M6 driver 9 degrees, and played two rounds. My misses were all right with a mid flight. I’m wondering whether the sensible option is to change the settings to upright on the head or loft up 1-2 degrees essentially closing the club face. Thoughts please as I used to hit nice draws with my old PIng 400 LST at 10.5 degrees standard lie.
  2. Come on folks I haven’t seen anyone else’s gear yet. Post some pics of your favourites. Might get some inspiration.
  3. The thing is if you are fit and good looking anything looks good on you right. Don’t be asking for pics now.
  4. No man. I’d say I’m quite trendy for a 49 yr old. Saying that my mid layers and jackets are up there with quality stuff. The weather in the UK doesn’t warrant a demand on polo purchases I would say.
  5. Well I’ve just ordered these. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but the missus likes them.
  6. Ok folks. I probably keep them for golf because we like to go out for a drink and game of poker after. You are all right regarding the new materials as the Callaway white, orange Lacoste and pink Ralph are the only ones with the new materials. Mind you I don’t sweat and those cotton shirts fit me lovely as I have wide shoulders. Point taken though the cotton ones are only gonna be used for casual outings now. Folks really appreciate your feedback even the sarky ones??
  7. I like the look of the Druh shirts. They look a bit baggy though. Is that so?
  8. I was comparing my 56 low bounce 8 Deg vs my 56 12 Deg bounce and found the low bounce wedge better in the flattened down rough which you sometimes get around some greens.
  9. I forgot to mention I play like right handed pound shop Bubba!
  10. After all this i ended buying some Oakley shirts. Lovely colours and the 44 chest size fit perfect for me. Plus the kids say i don't look like a boomer ( I thought boomers were over 70s anyway).
  11. Mine is I play better with full sleeved tops. In the summer I have a base cool layer under the polo shirts. Just get a better connected feel that way and not too handsy for some reason. My other daft one is I like to have a vape whilst playing golf, at no other time I do this, just a relaxing thing. Strange I know, but I know you folks have your own little quirks that you think helps your game.
  12. When I went golfing in Florida last year I notice quite a few wide load gentleman wearing stripey horizontal polos. That’s a big no no gents, made them look even wider.
  13. Don't wear shorts. Standard fare with the pants, UA match play, Stromberg and Adidas. Midlayers are mostly Footjoy, Mizuno and Galvin Green.
  14. Last one is the original Bunker Mentality. Ancient now, but trendy at the time.
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