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  1. I got the first round in with the SIM UDI this morning. Had the chance to hit it back and forth with the P790 UDI on the range before the round. The P790 feels awesome- its not forged blade soft, but for a utility it feels great and solid, not hollow or tinny. The SIM? Not so great feeling. It's not awful, just not as soft- it's almost a numb feel. You get enough feedback to know where you made contact, just not a sensation that makes you want to hit it just for the feel. On the range the SIM launched a hair lower which was a surprise. Because of the lowe
  2. Received my UDI #2 today. I’ve been experimenting a lot at the long end of my bag. I go back and forth between an Apex Pro Dot 4-iron and a 23* RSI TP UDI both with PX LZ 6.5. A Tour Edge EXS Pro 20* w/Tensei 75X has the hybrid spot locked in. Between the hybrid and the driver it’s been a steady rotation this season. The 20* hybrid is a reliable 245yds and has been the best hybrid I’ve played since the old Adams Idea Pro back in the day. The 3-wood has always been a strong club for me off the tee- a G410LST since it came out and I messed around with a SIM Ti Rocket this year(way too
  3. Anyone with a UDI order date around 8/27 receive theirs yet? I ordered #2 X-flex Thump, delivery estimate is in the past(9/4), and no updates from Taylormade customer service after reaching out to them
  4. I picked up the new Ti-Utility 19* w/HZRDUS 80X. I've been thoroughly impressed. The distance and ballspeeds are impressive. Flight is flat but able to get it up if need be. Extremely forgiving on thin shots, good turf interaction off the deck. I've struggled at the long end of my bag this year, seems like no club is immune to a snap hook(go figure), in an attempt to go back to what "used" to work and get a little more confidence I decided to put a hybrid back in the bag. I went with the EXS Pro 20* w/Tensei Silver 75X. I decided on the EXS Pro because the Ti-Utility was so i
  5. For those who have already ordered where are you seeing the expected ship date in your order details? I ordered a UDI last week and I just see the status as "In Queue". When I went through the order the club showed as in stock(UDI #2 Thump X) the expected ship date was 9/4- but now it looks like everything is bumped out and there are no X-flex available.
  6. Lots of cool Callaway Sub Zeros I’ll itemize them and then give the details. Please note I am not interested in any trades but feel free to make a $$$$ offer 1) SOLD Mavrik Sub Zero 10.5* Head Only $350 $300 $275 OBO 2) SOLD Mavrik Sub Zero 4-wd HZRDUS Smoke Green PVD 70 6.5 $574 OBO 3) Epic Flash Sub Zero 10.5* HZRDUS Smoke Black 60 6.5 $275 $250 $225 OBO 4) SOLD Epic Flash Sub Zero 5-wd HZRDUS Smoke Black 80 6.5 $175 OBO 1) Mavrik Sub Zero 10.5* MRH head only. Played about 3 rounds and is in mint condition. Includes head cover and tool.
  7. PX HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.5TX replaced the Taylormade HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.5 tipped .5"
  8. The ball still turns over on a toe hit, just not as severely as I experience with the Mavrik or G410 series FOR ME. Any contact heel side of the CG will contribute to a fade spin and toe side would contribute to a hook spin. As you mention, the issues sound like their face angle and path related
  9. All the inconsistencies I saw in the beginning were in shots that I would say were well struck. I couldn't hit the same launch window until I took care of the shaft- as soon as I got that into what works for me its been money. Before that i was all over the place with launch and spin and found it really sensitive to tee height
  10. Having played both I would say there are a lot of differences between the two. I found the Mavrik marginally longer, but the SIM much more consistent. Get the SIM dialed in and it gives up no distance to the Mavrik. Hit every ball in the same spot and it may not make a difference. For my toe side miss I find the Twist Face on the SIM to actually help quite a bit with the toe hook. I haven't played a TM driver in years, its been all Ping and Callaway or me. But I love the consistency and confidence I've got with the SIM
  11. I've got just over 12 rounds in with the SIM- not as many as I would usually have by this time of the year but oh well. Despite having another driver in the bag to compare it to(Mavrik SZ) the SIM has gotten all the play. Its been way too consistent directionally to even consider taking it out of the bag. My only complaint was that I found the spin to be extremely inconsistent. I'm not a high spin player with the driver and rarely struggle with ballooning- even into the wind. The SIM I found the variance in spin to be huge, to the point that I even had some shots ballooning DOWN wind and
  12. Callaway didn't specify which component in their response, they just said "We have been notified that there is a back order on the item(s) listed below......." I ordered 56X and 60T all standard except the lie angle and grips. They showed as a 5-7 day lead time back order when I placed the order and still show the same. Since the shaft is used in so many of their wedges I would guess its the head or grip
  13. I ordered a 60T and 56X on 6/5. They've been back ordered with an expected ship date of 7/25.........ugh. Played the T on an old MD Tour and loved it. Despite the delay I'm excited to get back to what worked
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