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    I've got 3 rounds in with a 17*- so far I love it, its been great off the deck, tee, rough, you name it. I find it plays very comparable distance to a 4wd(so maybe true to loft?) but with a much more manageable ball flight and consistent distance (no super high low spin bombs). Going with the 17* leaves a large gap back to my 4-iron(21* P790). I ordered a 21* hoping it plays into a 3-iron/hybrid slot for me. I'm not worried about it being too long, but I am worried about it not being any longer than the 4-iron. I figure with the extra shaft length is should help separate the distance
  2. I've got approx 6 rounds in with the 300 Mini, my game relies on keeping my tee ball in play to score. Quite frankly my whole game has been "yippy" for the past 3 seasons. It hasn't mattered what I hit off the tee, iron, hybrid or driver/wood I'll have streaks where its perfect and other rounds where I literally don't know where its going. I see the Mini as a tee only club, I'm playing the 13.5* w/Ventus Black 7X, even at 13.5* I want to see a perfect lie, ball sitting up before I would even consider hitting this thing off the deck, so I haven't even tried that. Off the tee its really been great. Took a little experimenting on the range to decide how I wanted to play it, whether I would tee it up like a driver, or down a bit more like a 3-wood. In the end I'm more comfortable and consistent with it teed down a bit and a little farther back in my stance than I would set up to a driver. I've played with the loft from 13.5* to 11.5* in either setting the club is workable up and down, it just sits very closed to my eye at 13.5*(and I fear going left) so I've settled on 2 ticks towards "lower". Distances are solid, it keeps up with all but my best drives and even then is only about 10yds behind it. I don't know that its more or less "forgiving" than my driver, but the combination is just perfect for me. Extremely consistent, not just in play but fairways all day. Prior to my mental(golf) collapse I was always a very strong 3-wood player off the tee, long and straight, rarely pulled driver unless it was a monster par 5 with room to miss. The Mini has given me back that confidence off the tee. Its too long for a lot of the shorter par 4s, but its been soo accurate I'm hitting it in places I never would typically have grabbed a long iron and played for position
  3. They are replying to emails. No luck trying to swap the shafts. They were willing but it doesn’t do me any good
  4. Similar situation for me this week. Tuesday they told me all components were in stock, the set was in production and I would have the set in hand 9/8. Today(and let’s face it calling multiple times because I don’t really trust them until I have tracking) they said they had just received the components today and expected ship date was 9/13. Tonight I get a delay email pushing them back to 9/23. Talk about great customer service. of course I’ll call again tomorrow
  5. For those with Taylormade order numbers(via the web), TM customer service can provide and update and has visibility to the components. I was pleasantly surprised
  6. I played two rounds over the weekend, first time I've been able to get the putter outside since I got it. I made sure I had plenty of time to take it to the practice green before the first round- I've only been working with it on the carpet in the house, and was concerned about speed control outside, especially on longer lag putts. I was pleasantly surprised, distance control on longer putts was....... even better than the traditional putter. Being locked in, taking the hands out of it actually made those putts much more consistent. Once on the course, took about 5 holes to really feel comfortable with it and not question set up. I had a few pulls in those first few holes. While they were bad strokes(peeking early) the results were way better than the traditional putter had been doing, they were slightly off line, but gimme range. After that things started feeling really good. I didn't take fewer putts than normal in each round, they were actually right on my average. But they were stress free. No worry of my hands getting flippy or missing my start line. 2 rounds and only 1 3-putt. Knowing the ball is going to start right on my line(whether the read is right or not) was almost relaxing, and it kept the second putts a lot shorter. Getting used to the Claw-Knuckle grip took a lot of repetition indoors, but on the course it felt normal and secure. If you struggle with excess hand movement, a stroke that doesn't get the ball on the line you want, I would highly suggest trying the Arm Lock
  7. The set up creates a good amount of forward press- same as Bryson or Zalatoris. To account for that the putter has 7* loft(off the rack), a lot more than traditional putters. But the actual loft needed and how much forward press is all dictated by the players set up, stroke, and in some ways build/height. These are google images that represent it pretty well
  8. The work from home routine has been great for short game practice. I've put a ton of time into it so far and this is what I'm fingind With a standard putter I've been comfortable with a traditional grip or going left hand low. That is NOT comfortable(for me) at all with the arm lock. Messing around I've arrived at some sort of claw grip, gripping the club between my pointer and middle fingers on my RH(RH player). Those fingers then kinda wrap around the bottom of my LH on the grip. It feels extremely comfortable and has helped get that locked in feeling. A few rounds coming up next week so we'll see how it goes
  9. I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. The face angle is square, its not influenced by forward press, offset or loft. Thats all independent to a great extent. Just like a "normal" putter or any club, the face can be square regardless of forward press
  10. Shaft is a single bend
  11. Putter arrived this morning. I’ve generally been a solid(not spectacular) putter. 3 putts are rare, but I always feel I’m not making some of the putts inside 15ft that I should be. Over the past 3 seasons I’ve struggled a bit With what I would consider “yips”, an unsteady right hand(RH player) getting flippy through impact. I’ve gone back and forth from conventional to left hand low grip. Left hand low helped quiet the right hand, but never felt natural, and didnt solve the problem. Generally I’m better on faster greens when a shorter back stroke is all that’s needed. So here goes the arm lock experiment- back in the day I had messed with a belly putter, Ody Tank Cruiser(long counter balanced), so this doesn’t “look” strange. Set up feels somewhat awkward, not really a natural left hand/arm position(conventional grip). The more i drive the butt of the grip into my forearm the more locked in it feels-in a good way. The pendulum motion from rocking the shoulders and eliminating hand movement seems much more consistent. However getting the ball online relies on being very consistent in the process. Keeping the shoulders, hips and feet aligned, way more so than a conventional putter. it’ll be a few before I get it on the course but we’ll see how it goes
  12. Does anyone know who has TSi Fairway adapters in stock? I accidentally grabbed a CMX driver adapter from Billy Bob's but need a FW. I don't see them in stock at Billy Bob's, otherwise I'd love to stick with the CMX now that I have the extra collars
  13. I haven't played The Epic Speed but I did switch to the TSi2 for this season. I generally prefer a deeper faced lower spinning 3 wood, it's typically a few club for me and I rarely need it off the fairway. This year I decided to try something a little more forgiving, and WOW. This has been the most versatile fairway wood I've ever played. It's great off the tee, forgiving with no distance lost vs the G410LST it replaced but off the fairways years better. Launched higher, doesn't balloon. As someone who usually stinks with a fairway wood off the deck it makes me look good. So much so that I picked up the 7-wood as well
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