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  1. The blue glasses are a waste of time in my experience. Reckon it's a blue or pink ball for the best chance of spotting in the winter. White ball... here in Blighty a lot of courses love to plant some awful non native trees, who's leaves have a white underside. Once they're on the ground you don't stand a chance of finding a white ball. Golf courses are mono cultures at the best of times, the last thing we need is non native plants that also ruin a round.
  2. Mentioned this in another thread, but have a look at a tooth brush with some toothpaste. Have a look at some of the sneaker forums out there for more info, that lot will have tackled just about every type of show/sneaker/material and will point you in the right direction. If you use the washing machine, use a cool wash so as not to melt the glues. A good pre-soak won't do them any harm.
  3. Have a look at some of the toothpaste options. You'll have to hit the sneaker forums for the details, but I promise you those boys will have it boxed off.
  4. Yeah, sleeves every time, they just beat having to reapply sunscreen mid round, plus you never get the sunscreen out of your shirts.
  5. Same, ditched 3w and 5w and replaced them with a 3i. Never looked back.
  6. Give em a few weeks, you'll be able to get a 'stash case' for your 'glove stash book'.
  7. Stuburt - Dirt cheap and good quality (they really should go back to being Stubs and Burt and do a vintage line or the like)
  8. How much more interesting are those Wildhorses than the latest TW stuff???
  9. Yet to try out my Nike Terra Kiger on the course, but thinking this will be the way to go in the future. Wish Nike would have a look at some trail / golf crossovers in the future, I like all the trail stuff and their ACG stuff, it'd lend it's self to golf very easily.
  10. An excellent way of creating more landfill.
  11. Big problem with the sunscreen is that once it gets into your shirt, it probably ain't comin out. Also, you will have to reapply at least once in your round, so then you have greasy hands. I cover up now, much easier to maintain and does a better job of keeping you cool and stopping you from burning: Straw hat, wide brimed, lots of shade and very breathable, just take it off when you are swinging your shot, hang it on your cart / clubs or just toss it on the ground. Long sleeved white polo, got a couple and they do the job. Also like to play in short sleeves with a pair of pull on UV slee
  12. Quick note, the Kigers just survived two weeks trekking and canoeing in the Central American jungle. Very impressed.
  13. Like the above idea of a time index, nice!
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