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  1. Of the 506 current views I am at least half, I am glad that 1.5 sold before I bought it!
  2. Still looking for a TCB 4 iron
  3. Looking for a callaway TCB 4 iron. Head only or shafted is fine
  4. Callaway Epic Max LS Triple Diamond 10.5 head. If you are looking to move with a shaft let me know what you have; but looking primarily for a head only. No 9.0
  5. Looking for a good condition/like new moonlite 2020 (4 way top) floral print bag
  6. Hey gang, hope you all have had a wonderful week. Enjoy the weekend. Couple items up for grabs. If you have any questions, want additional photos, whatever just shoot me a message. Pictures aren’t the best on the listing because the lighting was a bit goofy, apologize for that but the stuff is all in great shape. Only trade interest may be for a set of Callaway TCB irons. All items are OBO and I ship fast. Callaway Apex Pro 21 4-PW, factory ordered from Callaway. 1/2” long, 1 degree weak, 1 degree flat. If you need them bent we can work something out, may slow down shipping
  7. Absolutely gorgeous, my blade from last weeks release is in the mail. Can’t wait to see her
  8. $100 a bag plus tip, $40/player for forecaddy
  9. Only thing I would change would be day 2, third round of the day is free and you’ll have plenty of daylight to squeeze the preserve in after 36. You wouldn’t get a replay rate on your Sheep round, so it would actually be the same price to play 36 on the big courses and preserve would be free. Of course that’s up to stamina but being your first time you’ll be so pumped it won’t matter. But definitely don’t skip the preserve. first day is going to be the longest walk. 2 longest courses to walk, you’ll read a bunch about it on the different threads. I don’t think it’s a major is
  10. My order of 1/2” long, 1 weak, 1 flat, dgti s400, z grips with 3 wraps logo down shipped in 4 separate boxes over 3 weeks. 4-6, 7, 8, 9-PW. The 8 iron was last to arrive. Haven’t had a chance to take them out yet but excited to. Been playing Titleist CBs since the 690s, so it’ll be a bit of a change.
  11. This is how I would play it, if they provided me value. Last year we had a group of 3, a forecaddy the first time on each track and always had a single with us, I don’t think any of them tipped the guys. I also played at Trinity Forrest in Dallas, guys caddy didn’t acknowledge me, maybe helped look for a ball once, but that was all. I didn’t tip him, nor would anyone have expected it...I don’t think
  12. Was on site the week before the OP, we took a forecaddy the first time out to learn a bit more about it. He said the constant play all day every day hasn’t allowed the maintenance they need. I was not impressed with the course at all. It’s the shiny new toy, but in my opinion is squeezed in, premature, and only defense is the conditions. A lot of 300 yard par 4s, 120 yard par 3s and sub 500 yard par 5s. Caddy referred to it as the property’s “feel good course.” We skipped OM this trip, the group was in consensus that if on the next trip Sheep’s availability didn’t fit ours we wouldn’t be
  13. Absolutely not, we dropped by guest services to have the rain gear tossed in the dryer, 2 guys bought new shoes before the afternoon spin
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