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  1. Back on the hunt for a Ventus black 5x with no tipping. Must play at least 44.5 in a driver. Ping g425 tip preferred.
  2. Looking for a bit of a tinker. Ventus black with Ping g425 tip. 6x or 7x not tipped, or 6 or 7 stiff with 0-1” of tipping. I’m also going to try it a bit short, must play at least 44”
  3. If anyone has a spot open up, let’s talk about me filling it!!!!
  4. Played in the Barstool Qualifier at Erin Hills with a buddy of mine that had never been on a golf only trip. We went to SV for a few days before playing at Erin two days in a row. He was hooked when we drove onto the property. He never really understood what all my fuss was about when I talked about Bandon, but on the first day at SV he said I have to go. About 10 days ago, after we talked about it for a month, I called out to the resort and booked 3 days at the end of March 2022. The last 3 years I have been with my family, but schedules didn’t work out for the winter/spring so my buddy and I are going to go. We are currently on the wait list for one additional night on either side of the booked dates, but we were able to get two different types of rooms for both nights. This was the first time I had difficulty booking tee times. We are all over the map. The reservations department was very confident in it all working out based upon their experiences, and I am too with a couple visits under my belt. Here is the initial itinerary: March 2022: 26th - fly to Eugene early, hoping to get an afternoon tee time, need a room. 27th - 10:40 Old Mac - round lake room. Hoping to get an earlier time, throw in a PM round. 28th - 9:10 Trails, 2:30 Dunes, round lake room. 29th - 9:20 Sheep Ranch, 2:50 Pacific, drive back to Eugene. 30th - fly home Ideally, a room in the 26th would be great, moving Old Mac up on the 27th, and adding a time on Pacific and Bandon the 26th and 27th would be perfect scenario for me. The last guaranteed to finish time is 2:30. Pacific will be close, but by the end of the 7th round we will be limping in anyway. Those times work out in a good way if it wasn’t to change, ease into the experience and get to see all the tracks once. I’ve posted about it before, I’m not a big fan of Old Mac or Sheep, but being his first time he has to see them all to make up his own mind. We left OM off the itinerary when I was in March of ‘21, and talked about leaving SR the next time we go. Just keeping the 3 course loop of BT, BD, and PD to maximize the courses we like. No formal times booked on the preserve, we will throw it in at the end of one of the days to be the free third round. This is how we did it this past March, it was the first week of March, so this being the last we have plenty of daylight. May be too much go, go, go, for some folks, but that’s what I’m out there to do!
  5. Up for grabs is my grandfathers Ping G425 Max 12* senior flex driver. Stock length, headcover included. Not cleaned up for the pics but in good shape. I’ve sold some of his other stuff in the past. He’s a 79 year old club hoe that doesn’t like anything better than his old Cleveland Launcher. $425 obo shipped. May be open to trades. Tee marks on the face and sole will clean up. He’s still a pretty good stick.
  6. Same here, awesome bag. Wish the top was a 4 way but love the bag overall
  7. Of the 506 current views I am at least half, I am glad that 1.5 sold before I bought it!
  8. Hey gang, hope you all have had a wonderful week. Enjoy the weekend. Couple items up for grabs. If you have any questions, want additional photos, whatever just shoot me a message. Pictures aren’t the best on the listing because the lighting was a bit goofy, apologize for that but the stuff is all in great shape. Only trade interest may be for a set of Callaway TCB irons. All items are OBO and I ship fast. Callaway Apex Pro 21 4-PW, factory ordered from Callaway. 1/2” long, 1 degree weak, 1 degree flat. If you need them bent we can work something out, may slow down shipping by a day or two. Tour Issue s400 shafts with 3 wraps of tape under black/white z grips. Absolute gems, I played 5-6 rounds with them and got tons of comments on the looks. $old Fuji Ventus Red 7s - no tipping. Can see in the photo it’s 4” from the shaft tip to the E in velocore. Played a tick over 43” in a tsi fairway, actual length is 42.6. 3 wraps under the Z grip. Titleist fairway adapter. $old shipped Fuji Ventus Black 6s - no tipping. Can see in the photo it’s 4” from the shaft tip to the E in velocore. Actual length just under 45” tip to grip. TaylorMade TP 1.5* tip. $old Last item - I took these pictures outdoors last week so they aren’t tagged, but if anyone wants tagged photos I would be happy to get them. Swag Tour You Are A Good Player putter - 35” in length, 3* loft, 71* lie. Used but in good condition. It is beautiful in person. In the photos it shows a line on the face, appears like a scratch, but it’s very hard to see in person, you have to tilt it to the correct angle. Comes with original blue/black leather grip that is showing some age and a blue concentric cover. I will include a brand new swag putter grip. $1,800.00 shipped, insured. If you have additional questions on this let me know. I am sure the pictures will be out of order, crooked, upside down - my apologies in advance. Thanks for looking, pin 5/16
  9. Absolutely gorgeous, my blade from last weeks release is in the mail. Can’t wait to see her
  10. $100 a bag plus tip, $40/player for forecaddy
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