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  1. 50/54/58. MD5 Jaws wedge set. Upgraded Black KBS $ Taper 120s shafts. New MCC +4 Gray Grips. Plus 1/2” and 1* up on these. I also have a 46* MD5 Jaws wedge head. (I have TI DG s400 shaft I can include as well) $260 for the 50/54/58 Shipped I’ll throw in the 46* for $290 total 46* by itself $80 included s30 shaft
  2. Plays 42” with Jumbo Max grip. headcover included $335 shipped
  3. Plays 44.5” installed TM adapter $185 shipped
  4. Used but not abused. No headcover Aldila NV Blue 70x $95 shipped
  5. Looking for like Mp 18s, 919 tours, or something similar
  6. 1) Nike Vapor Pro 4-9 heads. 8/10 condition. Stock L/L $200 shipped 2) Tour Issue DG AMT x100. Stock length. Golf Pride MCC +4 Align Grips. 4-g. $175 shipped 3 Dg s300 4-w. Stock length. Nike Golf Pride Tour Velvets $75 shipped
  7. 1) Taylormade MG2 wedges. 52/56/60 all standard bounce. DG s200 shafts $275 shipped 2) SIM Udi 3i. Hzdrus Black Smoke 6.0 shaft. $125 shipped 3 Odyssey O Works 1Ws. Plays 36” will included Odyssey Bomb headcover $125 shipped NOW $110
  8. Standard L/L/L. Mitsubishi MMT 105TX Jumbo Lamkin Sonar grips. 9/10 condition. Very little bag chatter. Faces super clean $900 shipped NOW $845 shipped Heads Only $650
  9. Used 3 rounds. Alignment sticks got to the head. Tried to take a pic of it. It’s very faint but I did want to disclose it. Outside of that it’s in great condition $325 shipped
  10. 1) Fukikura Pro 2.0 TS 6x. Plays just over 45” installed. Nee MCC+4 Midsize grip $150 shipped 2) Fujikura Ventus Blue non Velocore 5R. Stock TM length. $70 shipped
  11. Picked up in a trade. Comes with headcover $285 shipped Can’t ship until Thursday. Out of town until Wednesday evening
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