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  1. I agree with you. I'm not complaining at all. I've been a Vokey guy for the last 7-8 generations. He has all of the grinds, lofts and bounce options covered. Only thing I'd like to see is mix up that 3rd finish from release to release. Keep the chrome and black and experiment with a copper or something matte that looks like raw out of the package but doesn't rust. I'm not even mad that he changes extra for raw, capitalize on the Tour marketing and make your money.
  2. Boring. Same ole, same ole from Voke. Epic business model. Sell the basics at a premium price to those that prefer OTR, run a custom website and charge a SUPER premium to those that know enough, think they know enough or like pink shamrocks stamped on their wedges. Voke said it best "if it ain't broke, why fix it"
  3. Shipping with tracking included. Trades considered. 1) Ventus Black Velocore 6X wtih Titleist driver adapter. Tipped 1/2", length is 43.75". Iomic Sticky 2.3 grip, shows wear in the thumb area but still tacky. Ferrule moved some, does not effect play. Gamed for one season. BILLS MAFIA
  4. Looking for a backup set, heads only or shafted. SM7 or SM8 Raw and Wedgeworks only (no black finish removed please). let me know what you have, pics and price.
  5. I didn't either until I came across this on their website...
  6. Curious on the weight of the skinny version. Having a hard time finding that one to purchase.
  7. Found this thread after finding one of the standard grips at Dicks Sporting Goods. Great design and feel but HEAVY. Website says it's 3.9 oz which would equate to roughly 110 grams, more than I'm used too.
  8. Mizuno T22 45-50-55-60 after the T100S 9 iron Also have the 44* PW and 48* GW to go along with 54/60 wedges.
  9. Shipping via USPS Priority, PayPal only please. 1) Nippon Modus3 120X 5-PW pulls directly from set of 718 AP2. Tip weights still installed, no grips. Got these from another WRXer as a project but going another direction. Got a good deal, will pass along. Asking $85 shipped SOLD 36.75” 36 1/8” 35.50” 35” 34.5” 34”
  10. I wouldn't worry about puring, it makes little to no difference. If it actually made a performance difference then OEM’s would be doing this (or offering as a custom option) so you'd be getting the absolute best out of their product. I've tested my favorite shafts officially SST pured, pured by another company, pured by me and the shaft aligned every which way and it makes ZERO difference on the monitors and in my hands.
  11. Looking for a slope or non-slope version in new or gently used condition. Let me know price shipped to 04092
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