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  1. TSi3 is the best driver produced, maybe ever. Titleist R&D figured out how to offer a little more forgiveness than the TS3 while keeping their ball speeds super high. It's clean, better sound, more forgiving and doesn't spin out of control. Absolute homerun and it's no surprise to me to see tour guys gaming it. I just threw a Ventus 6X in it too, TO THE MOON!
  2. Loved the set up of the Spider X but I think they failed on the insert, very firm. I'm hoping they keep the same characteristics of the new Spider X and improve on the firmness
  3. Anyone have a lead on these? I only see them on tour and used to pop up in eBay but they've vanished. Let me know, ready to buy!
  4. TP for sure. Stiffer and slightly lower launching version of the DI. I’m a D+ gamer and the TP 8X tipped 1/2” in my 3 wood is a bomber
  5. Starting the validation process this week at the AMEX. Hoping for a Spring release but I'm not too optimistic given they're change to releasing with the iron line. Maybe they'll release along with the TSi1 and TSi4 instead?
  6. Not sure if you meant Titleist in particular but they don't standard tip any of their driver shafts. I've read that TM does but I don't play their clubs so can't confirm. Tipping the Tensei Orange will not make it play softer. Even though it's counterbalanced, it still follows the same tipping laws as all other shafts. If you cut 1 inch off the tip, you'll undoubtedly have a stiffer profile. Counterbalance shafts are designed to be played with heavier club heads. This allows you add weight to the clubhead without making it "feel" too heavy since there is counterbalanced weight in
  7. Shipping via USPS and PayPal only. Consider trades for SM8 Wedgeworks, maybe some other stuff. Try me out. 1) HZRDUS Blue RDX Limited Edition w/ USA graphics 60 gram 6.5 TX. Titleist driver adapter, 43.5” long with midsize NDMC grip. No tipping. Bomber shaft, just couldn’t beat out my Ventus. Only has about 30 swings in her. SOLD
  8. You're the perfect candidate to go get fit. High swing speed player that has the ability pound it out there but is just getting into the world of golf physics and stats. If you go the "test: route, it'll get very expensive and very quick with no real results. You need to establish some sort of baseline for what you're looking for. You're 100% a candidate of an X-stiff shaft and probably need something that fairly stout, if those are truly your numbers. Look at the HZRDUS RDX Smoke Black for starters. It's a stock offering in the new Titleist drivers so it can be had for a reasonable price.
  9. TS3 sets open. Only hybrid I can’t hook off the planet
  10. Iomic's are well worth the money, especially on the driver. They can be washed with soap and water, they're very durable and wicked tacky. Variety of colors, textures and sizes. I recently put on the putter grip for the first time and very impressed with that as well. Be aware of the cheap knockoffs on eBay, literally smell like gasoline and not even close to the real thing.
  11. 367 gram for me. Toulon Garage San Diego is 342 + 25 gram weight. It's the absolute perfect weight for me in regards to comfort. Does it help me make more putts? Probably not
  12. Putting is all about feel. Some of the best putters in the world have the most ill-advised strokes in the game. Not everyone is going to have picture perfect set up like Tiger. If Sneds can pop stroke is way around Tour for years then there is very little science to it. Look at Niemann, one of the best young putters out there and he has a long backstroke and decelerates. Find something you're comfortable looking down at and learn how to read a green.
  13. The TSi3 is sneaky forgiving with increased ball speeds and lower launch angle. I was very, very surprised that it was as forgiving as it is. I came from the TS3 with a brief snint with the Sim last summer and it's more forgiving and longer than both in my opinion. The lower launch and spins allows me to crank up the loft one setting and still keep it from spinning out of control (I'm a high spin, high launch player)
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