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  1. i210 UW is great! I went with 52* Glide 3.0 and took out the UW and 54* to add a club at the top of the bag. As some have mentioned, Glide is preferable for shorter shots and around the green. Also, for me, the UW is too upright to be versatile as a partial-shot wedge, but I’m glad I have it and would recommend getting it with your set.
  2. Interested in PXG head and shaft, if still available. Please PM me or see email in profile. Thanks!
  3. Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Long is a deep-faced bomber off the tee—also cheap to pick up online nowadays. Lacked a bit of consistency with it off the deck. . . . Now use a TS2 that has a fairly deep face, but offers (for me) better consistency from the turf.
  4. Followed on Twitter 105s would go in my Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0s (50, 54, 58)
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