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  1. Snuck in 18 today and got to try the HMBs. I thought they felt fantastic. It was amazing to see just how high they launched the ball (I have NS Pro 950GH R flex shafts). A night and day difference from my JPX 900s with Aerotech Steelfiber stiff shafts. It actually seemed like they were launching *too* high, which is (again) making me think that I could/should bend them a degree or two strong. I'm still waiting to get out on Trackman with my club pro so we can decide. Sidebar: I've always been skeptical when reading about the supposed different characteristics of club h
  2. Thanks! I actually previously played a 27 degree hybrid (as a 170 club instead of a 5 iron). But the miss with it was a scary hook and I fell out of love with it. I think psychologically when I looked down on a hybrid with that much loft, something in my brain would make me put a different swing on it. I started hitting the 5 iron decently enough that I put it back in the bag. If I wasn't such a head case with the 27° hybrid I'd still be playing it. The breakdown you listed makes sense, but I'm not sure whether I'll continue playing the strong lofts. In the set of HMBs
  3. Interesting point. I decided to schedule a Trackman session with my club pro with so that we can let the numbers dictate what we do rather than my half-cocked theories. With regards to your question, it's difficult to answer. A former pattern of mine was to flip at the ball, so if anything I suffered from having too *much* height on my short irons. I seemed to work that out, and today I think the ball flight on my 9/PW is reasonable. With that said, sometimes I notice these two clubs merging a bit distance-wise.
  4. This is sound advice, thanks. I'm a total head case when it comes to this distance stuff for reasons I'll explain. And yes, I know the solution is to get lessons/practice, but frankly I hate practicing equally as much as I LOVE playing, so I just don't think it's in me to go the lesson/practice route. For context, here's an overview of my very strange game. I'm in Vancouver, Canada and finished the 2020 season at a 5.4 HC, though I usually hover between 6-8. I have an exceptionally tidy short game, but my full swing is garbage and my distances are pathetic. My driver sw
  5. Thanks for all of the feedback. I spoke with the Pro at my club and I think for now I'll just adjust the lie angles. As soon as our grass range re-opens (probably late-March) we'll do some more testing and determine if we want to adjust lofts.
  6. ^^ Thanks. I understand based on some research that from a physics standpoint the irons can be bent as described. I'm curious about potential negative effects of doing this that may not occur to me. I learned (thanks to B. Easy) that this will add offset which I'm ok with. I'm also curious whether the bounce will be so negatively impacted as to make this a bad idea. Also, with driver, for instance, I know that reducing loft actually opens the face slightly (counter intuitively). Is this the case with irons as well? Are there other implications I'm unaware of?
  7. Hi all, This evening I purchased a used set (5-PW) of Mizuno HMBs. I'm coming from JPX 900 Forged. My spec is 2° flat. In a quest to cheat my way to a bit more distance with the JPXes, I had them bent 2° strong, as well. I am wondering whether to bend the HMBs strong as well, and if so, by how much. The HMBs are lofted 1° weaker than the stock lofts on the 900s, so to "even" the lofts I'd have to bend them 3° strong. I'm not hugely worried about this from a launch perspective (900s launched quite low from the factory, and I had them paired with a shaft that was too sti
  8. Took time off after recovering from surgery. Recorded 245 rounds in 2019, plus another ~20-30 unrecordable rounds (scrambles, etc.).
  9. All time best differential: Score: 74 Differential: 2.0 Birdies: 2 Pars: 12 Bogeys: 4 Dbls+: 0 FIRs: 12/14 GIRs: 12/18 Scrambles: 3/6 Putts: 31 All time worst differential: Score: 93 Differential: 22.8 Birdies: 3 Pars: 3 Bogeys: 4 Dbls: 4 Trips: 4 FIRs: 7/14 GIRs: 3/18 Scrambles: 2/15 Putts: 31
  10. Best - My first ever properly fitted club - a Titleist TS2 driver w/ a Hzrdus Smoke 5.5 shaft (C3 setting, so up to 11.25° loft and slightly upright). I really should go do a full fitting for every club in my bag. Worst - I bought a Scotty Phantom 5.5 on a whim. It's 34" and otherwise standard setup. My old putter is a 33" Futura 5.5m 1° flat and it's the best club in my bag. Was pulling absolutely everything with the Phantom and switched back to the Futura.
  11. asofine


    Cheers :) What kind of yardage gains did you get from the stronger lofted irons? I'd be curious to see the breakdown of distances per club in your bags relative to mine. I've been really eager to conduct this experiment and would love some reference data, especially from somebody whose bag makeup and distances are similar to mine!
  12. asofine


    I play off of 5.X and my bag looks like this: 11.25° Driver - 250 yards 16.5° Wood - 215 yards 19° Hybrid - 200 yards 23° Hybrid - 185 yards 27° Hybrid - 170 yards 26° 5 Iron - 160 yards 29.5° 6 Iron - 150 yards 33° 7 Iron - 140 yards 37° 8 Iron - 130 yards 41.5° 9 Iron - 115 yards 46° Specialized Wedge - 100 yards 53° Specialized Wedge - 75 yards 60° Specialized Wedge - Don't take full swings with it I am often 2-3 irons shorter than my playing partners and am contemplating toying around with getting some more strongly lofted irons, which would likely necessitate adding a club between my
  13. > @BiggErn said: > Lol. **So you don’t want to deal with headcovers but will invest time and money into putting a “film” on your club**s to protect the finish while they still can look beat all to ****? Yes, one night of putting film on to save the hassle of taking covers on/off every time I hit them, invariably losing them etc. And the idea is that the film will protect them from scratches that "beat them all to s***."
  14. To be clear, the film will be for the crown not the face.
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