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  1. 1) Sim Rocket 3 Wood with Aldila RIP X 85X shaft is tipped .5” and plays right at 43.5”. It has been a weapon for me and shows signs of that use. $115 Shaft 2) Country Club Kicks Jordan 4 cover $old pin 10/24
  2. Does anyone have an in hand picture of the AV 2.0? I want to see the marking that shows it’s the prototype, probably on the site somewhere just can’t find it, thanks
  3. The Super Hybrid is a WEAPON I love mine off the tee, by far one of the better clubs that came out this year
  4. Looking For a AV Raw 2.0 75TX I know it’s a long shot but this is the place to come through!
  5. Deciding to rebuild the bottom end of my bed because I’m bored. Will ship USPS priority mail once payment is received. No trades! Prices are Or Best Reasonable Offer and discount for a package deal! 1) 54* PXG 0311 14 bounce wedge. Shaft is a KBS Tour 130X and Grip is a Tour Velvet +4 Midsize Grip. $75 2) TaylorMade BigFoot 60* Wedge Shaft is a KBS Tour Hi Rev 2.0 Stiff Shaft and grip is a Winn Dri-Tac Midsize this is a cheat out of the sand and if I keep it I won’t be mad. $75
  6. Looking to grab heads only or shafted (shaft doesn’t matter I have shafts ready for them) let me know what you have and price when messaging
  7. Yah I priced them low to save myself the cleaning, teacher life during a pandemic = low energy after a long day haha
  8. So I bought a set of Apex 19 Combo from Callaway pre-owned at the start of the year, then replaced the 8/9 iron with normal Apex irons from Calloway pre-owned and now have way too many Apex Irons. I will ship USPS priority mail once I receive payment, only trade interest is in a set of newer model Iron Heads. I am going to list all the details of the clubs and then pricing, all clubs have KBS C-Taper 130X shafts and are all standard L/L/L. -2019 Apex Combo set 5-AW with Midsize Tour Velvet +4 grips. -2019 Apex 8&9 irons purchased individually with C
  9. Would prefer heads only to build up on my own or with X-Stiff shafts, let me know Shaft and price when messaging
  10. Looking for someone with a connection at TaylorMade so I can build my dream P790/P770 combo iron set and not wait till December to get them. Will discuss all the specs when messaging. Figured this is the place I’d find help!
  11. Selling my rangefinder as I won a Bushnell Wingman in a tourney and want to give it a test this fall. Will ship USPS Priority Mail once payment received. No Trades! Price: $175
  12. Bought this on here a couple months ago and gamed it and will regret selling it! NO TRADES! Will ship USPS Priority once payment received. 34” Piretti Tour Only putter with Accra Shaft, and Bettinardi Waste Management Head Cover -Putter shows it’s been games and Shaft has a spot from bag wear but still rolls pure. -Grip has a 50g counterweight that I mashed to fit so a new grip is probably needed. Price: $450 will consider offers but no low balls pin 9/26
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