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  1. I will regret selling this but gave in to the Direct Force 2.1 hype Trades: 10.5* Mavrik Triple Diamond Head or Sim Tour Issue Head or G425 10 Head Price: $425 OBRO Shipped and Insured 34” Tour Issue Spider X putter with Tour Stability shaft, Traxion 5.0 grip, 50g counter weight, Masked Menace Head Cover pin 11/22
  2. Probably going to regret this but really want to try the new G425 line when it launches and starting to load the funds. No Headcover but will ship wrapped in bubble wrap. Only trades are if anyone got there hands on a G425 LST or Max already somehow Price: $375 OBRO
  3. A little winter redo of the middle of the bag never hurt anyone. No Headcovers but will ship protected Open to trades send offers! Take both for $225 Cobra SpeedZone 3 Wood with Rip X 85X Shaft Standard Length Tipped 1” $125 Cobra SpeedZone 19* Hybrid with Tensei White 90TX Hybrid -1/2” $125 pin 11/14
  4. Got this in a Sim I picked up and passing it along as I won’t be using it. TaylorMade Ventus Blue 6S non-Velcore Driver Shaft $50 Shipped
  5. Why didn’t I see this before I bought one on 3Balls
  6. Looking for a Tour Issue 10.5* Sim head with spec sticker or a retail one in mint or new shape, send price when messaging thanks.
  7. Bought this from Will Peoples in July and have loved it but after a quick track man session with someone smarter than me I am going in a different route for now. Will ship USPS insured (2 items currently lost in transit) No head cover but will ship wrapped securely. Price: $420 NEUTRAL HOT MELTED TO 204g pin 11/5
  8. 1) Sim Rocket 3 Wood with Aldila RIP X 85X shaft is tipped .5” and plays right at 43.5”. It has been a weapon for me and shows signs of that use. $115 Shaft 2) Country Club Kicks Jordan 4 cover $old pin 10/24
  9. Awesome thanks man! How do you like them?
  10. Does anyone have an in hand picture of the AV 2.0? I want to see the marking that shows it’s the prototype, probably on the site somewhere just can’t find it, thanks
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