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  1. I play X for woods/irons, but got a little softer in the wedges. KBS 610 S+
  2. PureSpin wedge with the fat kevlar shaft
  3. Most better ball strikers have issues with hooking hybrids due to them being too upright. Some shops will bend them flat for you, but it's a crapshoot. Have you considered a utility iron? I play a Titleist U510 18*. Pretty easy to hit and don't have to constantly worry about losing it left.
  4. Currently sitting at 5.4 U510 2 iron Hzrdus Smoke 6.5 714 AP2's 4-PW C-Taper Lite x Taylormade MG 50/54/58 KBS 610 S+
  5. I grew up playing a Pingman grip. Always had a great feel. I have since gamed many others, including SS. Last year I went back to a thin grip and have been putting great. Using an original Scotty cord. Bought a second one for when this wears out. Wish they were $7 like a Pingman...........currently a 5.6 index and rolling a Pro Platinum Del Mar 3.5
  6. I can log in on the computer, but get an incorrect username or password error in the browser in my phone. Help please
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