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  1. Never been a fan of Reed. I cannot believe a player at his level who is looking down at the ball couldn't see he moved sand twice. He should also have felt it anyway. His response is characteristic of someone who was trying to cheat and got caught.
  2. Have a Ping N-Echo putter purchased in 1968. I bought a new one as my first Ping putter for $20 and my Dad liked it so much he bought one too. My Dad used it from 1968 until he passed away in 2000. I sold mine years ago, but I'm still using his.
  3. I love my 714 AP2 irons, but moved from Titleist to Cobra for the woods/hybrids. Played the Pro V1 for years and switched to Bridgestone B330 balls 3 years ago. They are longer and have plenty of spin.
  4. Unless your swing speed is 105 mph+ the B330 RXS is a great ball. Switched to the RXS a few years ago from being a long time user of the Pro V1.
  5. Maxfli HT 100 and Titleist Professional 90. Actually made one of my 2 albatrosses with a Maxfli Blue Max. As a teen I loved the Acushnet Club Special as a cold weather ball here in Wisconsin.
  6. Agree with you on the Fly Z+. I play it with the weight forward and the stock shaft in stiff flex. Have had it set at 8.5° loft for the past 2 years, but am planning on trying it at 9° and 10° once the courses open here in Wisconsin.
  7. Anyone know which model Bridgestone ball Jin Young Ko used in her Australian Open win this weekend?
  8. He has been a Ping Man his entire career. That's why I found it surprising when I saw him with a Titleist hat.
  9. I noticed Calc wearing a Titleist hat today during the Champion Tour telecast. I wasn't aware he was no longer with Ping. What model woods and irons is he playing?
  10. Is it just me or do the 718s look eerily similar to the 714s?
  11. I've seen other posts of people not liking the B logo. Personally I really like it the big B and couldn't wait to get rid of the balls with the old logo.
  12. Just curious for opinions on how the new Tour B RXS compares to the 2016 B330 RXS.
  13. Have never cared for Nike or Callaway clubs or apparel.
  14. I realize it's up to me to find the optimal weight position and loft for my game, but was curious for opinions from those of you that use a Cobra f6 fairway wood whether you have the weight front or back and why.
  15. I find the 2016 RXS is softer off all clubs, has more greenside spin, and distance is every bit as long as the RX.
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