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  1. these irons are amazing. they feel incredible for a cast club and so so stupid forgiving on mishits
  2. I agree the thing is a beast.
  3. when do the 53s officially get a spot in the bag ?
  4. I don't like either club to be honest.
  5. I was using mp15 and loved them until I purchased my z785/ zforged combo, buttery and more forgiving I didn't like the 785. Didn't quite feel as solid
  6. still thinking about the MP18 SC! Anyone else
  7. I played Ping I20 for years with S300 and they were some of the best irons I've ever played. Switched to forged Ap2 and Mizuno but miss the forgiveness of the I model. Are the Ping I210 comparable to the I20s. They look a bit smaller but curious on the flight / forgiveness / spin. Thanks!
  8. would the gen 2 T or P be more like the AP2?
  9. curious as well. Hit them today and they were amazing
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