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  1. I'm going to pick up some of the 24hr epoxy. Should I get shafting beads as well?
  2. I just got a fast response from Golf Works and the said the lap/ sheer strength is 2800psi
  3. It's Golf Works adapter epoxy. Item #VB1030
  4. Can I use adapter epoxy to shaft up a set of irons?
  5. I play Ping i20's and looking to upgrade. How would the mp-18 MCC's compare?
  6. I have the Tour velvets on my wedges but I'm looking for something with better grip when wet
  7. It's time to re-grip my i20's. What grips would you recommend?
  8. I am looking for some new golf shoes. What does everyone recommend?
  9. Has anyone compared the stock TM Atmos shaft vs the Atmos TS shafts? Is the TM shaft comparable to the Red or Blue TS?
  10. Does anyone have any feed back on the 915h hybrid? I am looking to buy a used hybrid and I am not familiar with all the Titlesit model numbers.
  11. How do you like the Atmos? I want to try out the blue tour spec version.
  12. What shaft is everyone liking in the 400?
  13. I really want to try the blue Atmos shaft. I have read some good things.
  14. What are the hot new driver shafts for the season? Looking for mid flight profile.
  15. Is the Taylormade atmos shaft mid launch/ mid spin.
  16. Is the stock m3 red atmos the same profile of the red ts shaft?
  17. I'm kind of the broken record on here in regards to atmos red. SO good. Super stable, good initial launch, feels great, no surprises.
  18. For me the SFT plays longer because it flys straighter on the course. What's your normal ball flight?
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