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  1. Awful lot of hot takes for a new account. You wouldn't be a troll, would you?
  2. This. Biggest surprise would be Scotty actually doing something original. Would be right up there with Tyson Lamb making putters for actual customers!
  3. WE don't. Please don't speak for me, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I respect yours. I could care less about "mic'd up" players in any sport, I want to watch the best competitors in each sport, compete.
  4. Watch reality TV then. Let sports be sports and you can catch up with the Kardashian's (Rickie) on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, etc. Please just let them play golf like it's a competitive game though.
  5. Looks like a cheap cast knock off, poor print, I'd steer clear as well.
  6. This is really just a long drive contest for Matt every year. Fun to watch, but meaningless. Nothing more and nothing less.
  7. $5 is $5....right? LOL Gotta keep those pinned ad dollars
  8. On the next episode of PGA Tour Reality television
  9. You didn't happen to get fit at Club Champion, did you? Oban seems to be their go to seller.
  10. Good point, definitely not job related for them to ask DJ anything they can.
  11. I think resale is so bad they never bothered with reproducing Toulon. Not positive though.
  12. Weird, an online fitting was less than optimal, who could've guessed? Then you kept the clubs and played them outside the 30 days and complain. Your fault, not theirs.
  13. Yes, DJ is secretly an academic, he and Bryson actually switch personas off the course.
  14. Given the logistical nightmare that is 2021, I would avoid this even if it costs you the sale. (unless it's low dollar) I've had more USPS, UPS, FedEx packages lost this year for my work than I can believe. The odds are simply not in your favor here.
  15. I used to do this, but won't anymore. Forwarding service loses the package is there any protection since I shipped and delivered the package to an address that is not the verified PayPal address?
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