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  1. This should really hurt the resale of the 2.0TX in the after market
  2. In addition to Davep's comments, it's also a big part of eliminating a two way miss. If you can get rid of that trap hook that occurs occasionally when learning to hit a cut or fade it's much easier to trust your shot shape. But mid round when trying to hit a cut, all it takes is one snap hook to lose all faith in where the ball is going to go off the tee.
  3. I play my 60 bent to 62* and love it. Played with a 64* for years and with enough practice it becomes a very useful tool to have in the bag.
  4. Whenever Jordan is making hundreds of feet of putts and holing out from the fairway multiple times he will be competitive. Curious to see if he can get back to winning without relying on his usual making 30-40 foots putts repeatedly.
  5. There's actually a few supply chain issues going on in the world currently, maybe Srixon is being impacted by those believe it or not.
  6. I've never heard of the Chinese having manufacturing quality control issues. Weird! (extreme sarcasm)
  7. Welp had lots of reasons to be done with eBay, but for me, this is the straw that breaks the camels back.
  8. Agree with all the above, I don't think the 0211 undercut THE market, I think it undercut THEIR market, and their own image. Clearly the uber expensive market had been capped from their perspective, so they ventured into more of a commodity market. Which in my eyes, hurt their brand value slightly. That's just my very uninformed opinion though
  9. They seem to be employing a model of, making insane margins for as long as possible, when sales slow and new products are in the pipeline, they clear inventory at what is probably still a decent margin, then repeat the cycle. Probably end up making an average margin that is still higher than a typical OEM, but also lower net profit given their smaller market share.
  10. Are we allowed to comment on eBay prices? Lol
  11. Good thing he doesn't practice. Seems to be really paying off, golf is easy
  12. Maybe they can only host 90000 new product lines at once in the US, they need to make room for all 39 Epic driver models and submodels plus the new irons and all of their 27 different iterations all released at different times. LOL
  13. For a good clean, comfortable environment with Trackman I'd put the ceiling at $75/hr. For lesser simulators $35/hr
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