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  1. Everyone, meet clubgirlkatie. Clubgirlkatie, meet everyone! You can just introduce yourself honestly since this is clearly and ploy to plug your TikTok and putters, just be forthright about it.
  2. Since no one has actually answered your original question, BST revoked means the members privilege's for Buy-Sell-Trade portion of WRX has been removed for posting ad's etc. In the Future, I would steer clear of any deals with someone who is BST revoked.
  3. I would with a high degree of confidence say your wedge is chrome, not raw. Looking at Google images of MD5's in raw, they have a much flatter finish tone to them than yours, though it's hard to tell because of the lighting. If you can't accelerate any rusting at all, it's likely because they are in fact chrome wedges.
  4. Do what your coach says, not what internet people who don't actually know your game say. Your coach knows your game, and makes a recommendation based on the best intentions to help you succeed.
  5. He's been a high level troll for a long time now, just look at a few of the topics he's started. Well done, Barf.
  6. I don't care about sponsors, I care about the golf. Sponsors could adjust accordingly, trust me, they make sure they get theirs no matter what. These billion dollar companies will continue to invest in golf as a place to bury charitable/deductions every year. Like with everything else in life, players, coaches, sponsors, etc will adapt and survive.
  7. I'm a similar SS to you and had two Ping failures occur with G410 LST, I tend to strike the ball very high on the face similar to you, and about where your face failed. That looks indicative of a design flaw for the integrity of the club at high strike point. I moved the ball down .25"-.375" and had no more failures with very similar ball speed and spin. Just an idea for you to try if you love the Ping. My SIM has been problem free however, so Ping is long gone.
  8. I'd be in favor of maintaining current field size, and even increasing pay outs, under the condition of fewer exemptions. People ask for more competition, well making a larger percentage of the field qualify every week would certainly make sure you are getting the guys that are playing well and determined. Rather than guys with a ton of exemptions that don't compete for years on end. Ala Rickie Fowler. That way the money pot grows, competition thrives, and those that play at an elite level consistently can still earn their exemptions.
  9. We'll have to agree to disagree. If I buy a shaft that is sold to me as "new, used one session" there should be no need to tear the shaft apart and verify something such as an extension. If the shaft had not been advertised as new I would agree with you entirely.
  10. You think the burden falls on the buyer? What if he was simply planning on keeping the original grip on the club? The seller should be responsible for disclosing the extension, the buyer shouldn't have to pull the grip on every shaft that is "used one session" to do his "due diligence"
  11. I'd be upset if I bought a shaft that was "basically new" and found an extension that long in it regardless of performance. The first indicator that the shaft is not actually "newish" is the fact the seller had purchased it for $280, meaning this shaft was only new to them. Likely pulled from a fairway wood or something else.
  12. Everything with a tour players clubs is done on a case by case basis. There is no magic one size fits all, as with amateurs. Only amateur's don't understand that typically, hence the 90mph swing speed guys playing TW spec P7TW irons with 130g X100 shafts. They hit balls on trackman or GcQuad with each club, map gapping, and adjust from there to achieve their desired gaps, regardless of mixed set irons. They also manipulate loft and different club head designs to optimize descent angle, spin, peak height, etc.
  13. Another vote for Kwok or Artisan if you can handle the pricing, they are the best. If you just mean smaller company but still mass produced, I'd have to say Fourteen has been my favorite.
  14. Well if tech CEO's are doing it that must mean everything they do applies to general population, right? Since when is Jack Dorsey's presentation attire a driving factor for country club dress code? That being said, I'm good with a relaxed dress code, within reason. And the latest META or Twitter presentation has nothing to do with it.
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