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  1. Yeah most of the guys in the teams are disabled and unable to operate at any capacity for very long. /sarc NSW is not plagued by injuries as that would be a liability to operational readiness, you cannot contribute Tiger's entire string of injuries to that. Tiger's training with a couple team guys was not his downfall or a major detriment. I'd allude Tiger's biomechanics and aggressiveness coupled with many lifestyle factors are to blame, tough to isolate one thing, or one training style in a small period of time as the ultimate culprit.
  2. I just wish the guy would play to his potential. He has so much god given talent, I'd love to see him have some fire and dominate the tour for a time. I don't understand why saying he underperforms relative to his talent level is so offensive (what's not these days?), I hope he and YJS make us critics eat our words!
  3. I've maintained scratch this year (only 15 rounds total) with one range session and only 6 of those rounds being tournament golf. Last 5 in a row are sub 70 on par 72 over the course of 8 weeks. I struggled last year with staying below a 5, and this year everything just "clicked" if you will. I can imagine this will vary year to year for me, and not for other guys. Golf is so dynamic as far as scoring goes from individual to individual that I expect a wide array of answers in this thread.
  4. Isn't LZ 6.0 a PX 5.5 on the PX scale? Doesn't matter either way, play what works for you. You just might find some more consistency in the LZ 6.5 or PX 6.0, at the same time you may not. That's the lovely thing about golf lol
  5. Which Rev are these irons??? Rev 200? Lol I hope he finds his way. Sucks he can't play his own signature irons though.
  6. I'm sure there are ways to make expenditures get that high, these guys can deduct some of these travel business expenses from taxes. So minimum cost to actually be a Tour player versus what a top 30 perennial player may end up spending can be very very different numbers. Regardless, if you are playing almost every week, it's going to be extremely expensive.
  7. The fans played a role no doubt, but I'm talking about the players v players. Plenty of complaints about the "gamesmanship" excluding the fans altogether. We know EU teams get heckled more on US soil, and vice versa when the US travels. That's not going to change. Edit: I understand I didn't explain what I meant by "environment", that's my fault. But I was referring to the friction between the two teams, not the external factors, my bad.
  8. I am amazed at the number of petulant complaints from these professionals on both sides. Really is telling of the times, hyper sensitive and so often a victim of their environment. I know this doesn't apply to all of them, but I hope to see some thicker skin in the next Ryder Cup.
  9. I don't disagree at all, statistically it has to happen at some point. So I assume we will see better golf this weekend, and in the future. Just like the US was due for some good play.
  10. Europe struggles once after a period of dominance and everyone is up in arms, guessing very few have played in a format like this, some days it is out of your control. That's golf in general. Especially picking players from such a deep pool of talent on PGA and EU Tour and them having to be playing in their best form just has so many variables. Bound to happen occasionally. Still lots of golf to play as well.
  11. Definitely a shame our founding fathers weren't more considerate of Ralph Lauren's designs for future Ryder Cups. Very short sighted of them.
  12. Point proven, there's absolutely zero context in this discussion related to Jack's ability as a golfer. And you are here to make sure no one disparages him. So there's that...
  13. Something like that, but YJS walks on water here at WRX, he can do no wrong. Just like Jack
  14. Whole lot of grown men doing nothing but whining about another man's whining. Very productive. Maybe we should just move on and hope Reed does the same. Hope the Ryder Cup is a great competition.
  15. Any places that are must for Texmex and fine dining in the DFW area? Thanks,
  16. Nice thing is, should any problems occur such as cracked faces etc, the OEM should warranty them for you no problem. Not to mention, failure rate based on usage we see on WRX which is complaint heavy is probably less than 5%? I'd buy without worry, knowing that I've owned 15+ sets of modern players irons and had zero failures with 98 mph 7 iron SS.
  17. With all the personality (sarcasm) on tour this should be interesting. Wish they could have got behind the scenes of Tiger's life back in 2002-2008
  18. This must be the obligatory PXG going out of business thread. Next he will complain his irons weren't shipped next day air for free and ask about how poor their customer service is
  19. bUt tHE lOnG dRivE coNtEst wiLL rUin HiS gAmE!!!!
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