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  1. This is not as complicated as you'd like to make it seem, rather cut and dry no matter how much you'd like to argue "gray area interpretation", which as long as it is up to interpretation, the mods make the final decision as they've already done. This is not the hill to die on, you relisted the same driver, trying to exploit a (non-existent) loophole adding the shaft to same club, when you could have just edited your original listing. 

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  2. Really the cost is for the material blank + time ( and if you really want to allocate x% of machine value, tooling, CAM programming, software, etc), these are not a complex machining job either, look at what Artisan charges and that should be a good ball park. I can't imagine these costing anywhere near $5K to make on a 5 or 6 axis machine unless you roll every single cost under the sun into the final value. I machine a fair amount of PTFE and UHMW which is definitely different than metal from a time, wear and tear perspective, but has many parallels as well. I'm sure there's some guys in here that make putters that could chime in with much more knowledge of the cost analysis. Look at the cost of custom machined putters as well, like $350 sale price for some, and that's with margin built in, so $100 cost? 

  3. I've had the same thing happen to me twice with the golf works Ping G425 adapter, just figured I had poorly mixed epoxy but thought it was strange the adapter seemed to have split itself almost. Still not sure what happened, but I moved on from Ping at that point as I've never had another adapter fail or epoxy fail on any other build. 

  4. People just flood the site with bots to ensure they get purchase, the site becomes unstable/crashes, and to deter people in the way of their "flipping". It is rampant in all sorts of niche collectors markets, but no one seems to be able to address the problem. 

  5. Yikes, this is rough. Still well under the stated 7 working day period and throwing this sort of tantrum. Also, learn that salesman lie constantly, so whatever you may have been promised, was like a lie. If it doesn't ship by next Friday, and all components, especially shafts, grips, etc are in stock, then you can start being upset. 

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  6. I'm sure they had to go with that horrible face color/design to differentiate their product from everyone else on the rack at the local golf store. They are all so similar in construction they need the masses to understand what makes their driver different and stand out. Glad they included the ability to customize face colors with that being said, TSi having such a subtle clean design really goes a long ways after seeing some of the new product lines. 

  7. Those red saw SM2 were unreal, had something like an oil can finish and still wish I could play those to this day. The cc grooves were good, but between the red saw and mack daddy wedges at the time it's a very nostalgic period changing balls after every wedge, and ripping the ball back from 20 yards out. Good times

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  8. 4 minutes ago, Pastit said:

      Would freezing the shaft then locally heating the ferrule work ? There’s no thermal capacity in the ferrule but there is in the shaft.  I’d check the epoxy safe temp-range first in case you sue me. 

    Perhaps, but that is far more effort than I am willing to go to for a simple ferrule installation. I may be wrong so forgive if I am, but the plastics most ferrules are made of have very low, but not zero thermal capacity, and we are talking about a change that is miniscule to make them fit, thus the limited success with applying moderate heat. I would assume that simply reaming them out with a drill press would be the best course of action, though tedious as well.  

  9. I've had that same problem every time I work with BB&F, not sure if I'm missing anything to have them consistently be a pain in the rear. I always soak them in extremely hot water (150*-175*) and they will at least go on with a little less work that way. Hopefully someone else has a better answer. I tried the heat gun but never had much success as the heat dissipates too rapidly from my limited experience. 

  10. As a low single digit golfer who plays as a single frequently, I'd echo what MtlJeff said. I could care less what my random playing partners shoot if they are good, kind, respectful people. I'm out there to play MY game, not yours. It makes it much better when people typically do exactly what you did, which is relax after the first 9-10 holes. And I always point out to them after the fact they would have much more fun if they just relaxed earlier and focused on their game instead of keeping up or impressing me! 

  11. 16 minutes ago, bscinstnct said:


    His weight gain is easily explained as just stuffing his face and lifting a bit. 

    But, his performance, on its face value, would definitely raise eyebrows. 

    His driving distance in 2018 was 302.


    In 2020 he jacked that up to 324. 

    That’s totally unheard of on the PGA Tour. Nothing close. Guys can get longer  5 or 10 yards over a period of years but  even then it’s equipment that accounts for the gains mostly. 

    But 22 yards in a year?!

    It’s like a sprinter shaving 1/4 second off 100m time.


    Or, ahem, baseball players suddenly hitting 70 home runs.


    So, I’m that context, it’s a legit question. 

    His entire golf strategy changed. He went from playing very methodical and conservative golf to coming out and saying he's going to swing as hard as he can and get as big as he can. There's the context and explanation. 

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  12. Suppose there's a tiny bit of surface rust where the screws go if you change them all the time, what difference would that make? That being said, I've owned three sets and tinkered with them all, zero rusting issues. 

  13. I grew up in the Tiger era, and enjoy him playing golf as much as the next guy. That being said, I wish he'd hang up to clubs as far as playing on Tour is concerned to focus on his health and wellbeing, while continuing to be actively engaged in growing the game through clinics and other forms of participation. His influence doesn't have to be limited to playing on Tour, and would do his body and a lot of good. 

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