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  1. 4-PW TI x100 shafts. Fitter installed on my Bridgestone irons May 2020. The 4 iron is soft-stepped. 4 iron is measured in picture and plays 38.5” Grips were put on in September. Tips cleaned up and boxed ready to ship. $200 Shipped Obo. Swag Vienna Special driver headcover. Opened and hardly used. $170 shipped OBO. PayPal US Only Please.
  2. Been trying to order it but no one has it on their sites yet…
  3. I played the speeder TR in my g400 and last year and it was on of my favorite shafts ever put in my bag. I still have 2nd thoughts of trading it for my TSI3. Still have a 757 TR I got for a steal. Looking forward to this big time if this is the case.
  4. I wish they would do the i210s in the 8620 and stealth finish. My glide 2.0s lasted a pretty long time compared to the chrome sm8s.
  5. I’ve been a long time iron set 4 iron. Received a g425 4 hybrid for Christmas, it’s pretty amazing, never realized what I’m missing. Turned it down to 21, and getting great results.
  6. Wondering when the Sm8s will go on sale and what the T grind will look like.
  7. I usually waste 1/2 my bucket of range balls on my 4 iron. I just don’t know wtf im doing wrong sometimes.
  8. I cant recall with the LS shaft. But wasnt a fan, too bad for PGATSS only having that option. Today was much better at the local fitter. I was on lunch and needed to get back to work.. forgot to grab my data... I’ll probably head back in a couple weeks to finish it up. Want to make sure I get the right fit since irons I don’t like to change much. Settled on two shafts - $taper 120 and PX6.0. Almost identical numbers with both. Dispersion was tighter with PX and was able to work the ball better with PX. Never would I have thought PX would work for me but it did. Got my launch past 17*, spin was 52-5400. Carrying the ball 174ish. Holding the green well. Coming from DG X100s.
  9. It’s a great point. I was very inside out testing them. Not sure if that was the issue and I hate mats. Looking forward to comparing them to my x-cbs.
  10. I hit them yesterday at PGATSS. They only had the LS shaft and ended up liking the blade a lot, although my spin numbers were best with the 223. But could have been the shaft. With a 7 my launch was around 15 and spin was 4800. So not ideal. Booked a fitting for tomorrow. The feel of blade was fantastic and I hope I can get into one. Cant stop thinking about it.
  11. I once read somewhere that as the face wears if helps ball speed. I think overtime it looks badass and shows solid ball striking. Occasionally I do scrub the face with some car detailer and a nylon brush. Make sure it’s nylon and dont touch that deep black crown.
  12. Good to know! Thanks for that feedback. What flex did you end up getting and what shafts make up your irons?
  13. My local fitter has their demos delivered this weekend. Hopefully I can get in there and hit them this week.
  14. I need to stay away from this thread. Too many extroverts here.
  15. I was gonna pop a Nippon GOST onto my T200 4 iron, but will need to wait to see these. I love my Ventus Red.
  16. Ping G400 sounded great. G425 lasted 4 weeks in my bag because of the sound. I bet like all TM drivers, this one will sound awesome.. but it’s unbelievably fugly
  17. Yup they are up. 2/3 release date. Looks like you can also get the modus 115s
  18. I’ve almost bought the Z Forged several times already. Interested in what the new blades are like.
  19. 3-7 woods this time around too?
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