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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLGCLFRgIQB/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B_vkcCal9Uo/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CNI-kpmFMY2/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CM19Wq9FtFE/ You can still play golf with an inside takeaway. Fix your takeaway if it's causing issues later in your swing. But best-in-the-world level golf has been played with pretty much every takeaway you can imagine.
  2. Here are Rory's stock yardages from earlier this season. He's the 2nd or 3rd longest player on the PGA Tour. Your full 8 iron is very close to his. Keep in mind that he's around 185 ball speed with driver and can push it to low 190s if he needs to. It's probably safe to say that he could hit his irons further if he wanted or needed to. Stock yardages should be comfortable, not max.
  3. 100%. It doesn't matter how far a "full" iron goes. The point of an iron is to go as far as you need it to go with the height/spin/curvature you need to get it near the hole. If you're more accurate hitting a 7 iron from 165 than you are a full 8 iron, then absolutely you should be hitting 7 iron. Tour pros rarely hit irons full. They all have a stock yardage they like and then have the ability to step on one or pull back if they need to. Also when you see a tour pro really step on an iron chances are they really need maximum spin and height to stop the ball on really fast/hard greens that the
  4. Yeah I'm a NTC guy too. It's the "twist" that Monte has us doing along with the hinge in the initial move that is causing me all this anxiety haha. I'm just so dead set on not taking it away open that I start actually just twisting the club while it's on the ground. And then it looks ridiculously shut and I can't pick it up. Based on a lot of the replies I just need to work out a bit of a trigger and pre shot routine
  5. God I hope that's not in my future
  6. This is really cool. How did you settle on your own trigger?
  7. Anyone having trouble starting their swing? I’ve been working on my takeaway to stop rolling inside, and while I can do it, I find that thinking about it is causing me to kind of freeze over the ball. I’m just standing there so worried about getting the takeaway right that I have trouble starting my swing. I’m normally a pretty fast player with a natural trigger who just points and shoots but now I just feel very rigid. Anyone have any ideas? Or is it just comfort thing and it’ll go away eventually?
  8. At your handicap, assuming he's teaching you fundamentally correct things, honestly there's no reason to think that you will get much worse before you get better. At our level you're likely going to be correcting some pretty big issues which should lead to pretty immediate improvement. The higher level the player the more incremental and difficult the changes are to make. For a mid handicap golfer with what sounds like an athletic background and a willingness to invest time you should honestly expect to get better fairly quickly.
  9. Inherently is probably the wrong word. I'm not an instructor and I'd defer to @MonteScheinblum or others more qualified than me on this, but the short answer is the moves you need to make to shallow the club in transition and attack the ball more from the inside (more is the key word here, can still be slightly outside) will lead, all things equal, to better dynamic loft and a more stable club face. You'll hit the ball more efficiently (better dynamic loft = more distance) and deliver a more consistent face, which will also improve your dispersion. If you want an example of what steep does to
  10. Yeah for sure. DJ is probably on the steeper side. I think we agree that generally coming more from the inside and being shallow is preferable to the steep chop, so learning to be more inside (not necessarily actually inside, just more if you're very outside) is something a majority of amateur golfers could benefit from. Fades aren't bad at all, it's how you fade it that matters
  11. Yeah sorry I should've been more clear. You'll see slightly out to in path numbers, but we have to remember that those are relative to the target line, not the player. I've attached Morikawa, who basically only hits fades, right before impact. At no point is his clubhead coming from the outside of the ball. Relative to himself he's still coming from the inside. He just aims a little left of his target and let's the face stay just open enough to get the ball to fade
  12. Yeah agree with this. Swinging from the outside just isn't good. If you're happy with how you're hitting the ball then yeah don't do anything but assuming you took the lesson because you want to get better then hitting from the inside, regardless of shot shape, will make you better. You could also improve your scores through strategy, short game, etc but for ball striking to improve you're going to need to make some changes. That takes practice, like anything else.
  13. Could be a lot of things like Monte said. But you can definitely play from an open stance. Cuts will be natural from there, but if you watch Rory he sets up open and still hits draws.
  14. Yeah that's the question. Not sure I can answer that for you. Obviously it helps to have them prescribe what you need, look at your swing, provide some feedback, etc. Don't forget about the Facetime lesson as well, you'll have them there live as you hit balls which is good too. I will say I've had online lessons from a few coaches that have pretty sizable IG followings (before anyone yells at me about jumping from coach to coach, I'm just a curious golfer), and what I've found is you can get most of what these coaches will tell you from their social media. It doesn't just apply to Porzak Golf.
  15. Hey I have! I'd say overall really good experience. They are very thorough and personal. You'll get a very thorough look at your swing, a bunch of drills to work on, as well as a FaceTime lesson. I also kept in touch with them over WhatsApp to do quick check ins and updates which they were open to. The one thing I will say is that if you've followed them for a while on IG then chances are you've seen most of what they will tell you. Not that it's wrong, but it's pretty clear they have some fundamental ideas they believe in (like a lot of coaches!) and chances are you'll get prescribed some ver
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