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  1. Small weight differences in the head make a big difference in feel when it's at the end of a 45" + long driver. Think about holding a sledge hammer right behind the head, doesn't feel that heavy right? You could move it around without a crazy amount of effort. Now hold the sledge hammer at the very end. All the sudden the head feels super heavy. Basically, because a driver is long, small weight changes change it's feel very easily, like everything else when the weight is far away from you. If you add or remove 10 grams, without changing anything else, the club will feel like an entirely different club. Ping does use counterbalanced shafts to counter act this, but the clubs do feel slightly heavy. But ping is doing this for a reason. Heavier heads, at least in theory, should get people more ball speed, if you can swing said heavy head at the same speed. Hope this all made sense. Not the best analogy, but I feel like it gets the point across.
  2. If you'd play raw, almost every head out there. It's really not expensive to have a set stripped of it's chrome. I had a local chrome company do it for me on an old set of irons. They came out awesome. I think it was like $40. Although, I brought them head only, and did all the reshafting myself. But none of that is hard.
  3. Yea it's like I said earlier in this thread when another guy said the same thing. I don't think the ping is any slower or less efficient per say, but they handicap themselves going with these super heavy heads and counterbalanced shafts imo. 206g standard head weight, even with a counterbalanced shaft just doesn't move as quick as some other brands offerings that haven't gone this route (ie Mizuno). I swung the Mizuno faster because of this, and hence got more ball speed to the tune of 5-7 mph more ball speed. If the club let's me put more in, I'll get more out. I'm sure a ping driver built out to a lower head weight and non counterbalanced shaft, (ie similar specs to what the Mizuno sat at) I'd make up that difference, however probably lose at least some of the straightness without that huge 26 gram weight way back that the ping has. The way pings are set up ATM is a gift and a curse. They are the only driver that feels significantly more forgiving than anything else out there, but are also shorter because of it. Hope all that makes sense.
  4. Thanks. And for anyone else wondering, all this is correct. Finally got a hold of ping and they can send the order to their "tour" department with an exact loft and they will match as close as they can. Normally it's within +/- 1° of the stated loft, so can request a 9° head from 8-10. He also said there is a fee involved but couldn't tell me that. Told me I'd have to get that price from a retailer. If I go this route I can update what that fee was for me anyway. Only big problem with this is the extra time. He said normally it adds at least a week to the build time, and as most know they already have ridiculous lead times, so this seems to be the biggest down side to doing this.
  5. Well it was 5-7 mph ball speed faster, so if I remember correctly 1 mph ball speed is worth 2 yards, so 10-14 yards ish. Contemplating a custom order with a "digitally" lofted ping (aka a 9° ping that's 8°) and moving away from the counter balanced shafts to lighten the club up. Hopefully these things could make up the difference yet keep it a fairway finder. Problem is it's just all a guess at this point as trying these things prior to receiving my custom order would be next to impossible as no one has weights or knows the loft of their drivers. But I feel fairly comfortable I know enough now to make a guess like that and feel comfortable it will be more likely than not correct.
  6. So quick question that hopefully someone will know the answer to as I have never felt the need to request such an order until now. As I think everyone is aware, when ordering a club it's easy to specify swing weight, club length, lie angle, or many other non standard options. This is the point of custom orders after all. But does anyone know, does ping have the ability to accept an order that specified loft on a driver being at the lower end of the tolerances? For example say pings 9° drivers met tolerances between 8.25° and 9.75°, if I asked for it, could they build my club with that lower lofted version, even though they are all classified as "9°". Only reason I ask is, and I briefly touched on this in another thread where I was looking for advice on a new driver, I hit the G425 max really straight. By this I mean, I love how anti left you can make it with the weight and lie angle. But, I hit the club high. Touch too high for my liking. Lofting down with the adaptor helps, but it then becomes too fade bias for me, even when I dial back other adjustments. I think I could have a real winner with a low lofted g425, whilst I would also move away from the counterbalanced shafts and heavy head weight to be able to move the club just that little bit quicker. Note: I've tried on a launch monitor and the heavy weight of the pings takes my ss down a few mph and makes it just that little bit shorter than other brands offerings. Hopefully all this made sense, and someone out there knows the answer to this. If not, I am going to try to get into contact with ping directly and I'll update everyone with the answer if it's not already provided. Might be a few days though as getting ahold of ping is a task nowadays, as they have shortened customer service hours and their hours are during my busiest work hours where it's hard to find time to call them and get put on hold for 30 minutes.
  7. Well that's the beauty, I don't need to spend anything as my non slope still works. I'm just going to keep using it after seeing the responses here. If it dies, I'll reassess, but until then I'm going to take the advice given here, and just stick with what I got. Slope is a nice to have, not a need to have.
  8. Problem is there is only one small golf shop that will let you demo stuff, but they only have the stock shaft offerings. Golf Galaxy charges $100 for a "fitting". That's a joke imo. Club champion charges $150. Then say I get fit into $200 upcharge shaft. $500-$550 driver + $200 shaft + $100-$150 fitting + tax (9% i believe) and mcc+4 grip = $885ish - $995 ish. That is absolutely ridiculous imo. I know there are plenty of people that do that, and all the power to them, I have absolutely no problem with it and am not going to tell people what to do with their money, but it's not worth it imo. I know enough about what I need to get me 90% of the way there most likely for about 45% of the cost. Btw, I'm not trying to sound harsh on GG, but I have just lost all respect for them at this point. They want these people to "fit" me, and I'm sure there are some who would do a great job, yet there was also the guy who was trying to get me to do a fit when I went in there to demo and was asking about my previous driver. I told him it was a SLDR 430 with a speeder in it, but I wasn't sure which version, but it's white. He then proceeded to say "oh an aldila speeder whiteboard, that's a good shaft" and i could gain a bunch of yardage from new clubs as they all will spin significantly less than a SLDR. After hearing that, I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I got a good chuckle after that, and figured most here could appreciate that story too. Anyways, I know many here will disagree with my educated guess when choosing a new driver, but I hope at least some can relate to thinking current club prices are ridiculous. And all this is ignoring the other main reason I'm just making an educated guess, I don't want to be driverless for the next 6+ weeks, maybe even 2-3 months if I went with ping, while I can order a 410 lst with x stiff tour shaft and have it late next week. That's been my logic, and in 95% sure that's the route I'm going to take at this point. But I'll let y'all know once I finally place the order. Sorry for the rant.
  9. Sorry, correction, stz driver. Sorry must have had a brain fart when I say STX. I did not even try the STX as it was draw bias. Thanks for the correction. No I didn't. The delay is so long on ordering I'm going to be buying off the shelf or classifieds. I can't wait 6+ weeks for a driver to come in. Also side note: I think I'm going to go for g410 9° in tour 65x... Can be had online for $400 and hopefully I can tweak it to be best of both worlds and it leaves me some money to play with shaft down the line if I dislike the tour 65. Get all the benefits of the anti left I enjoyed in the g425 with little bit lower spin, for a good price. I just can't justify to myself to punt $600 on a driver.
  10. So I would say I'm on the upper end of driver speed. To put in into context I was getting about 167 ball with 425 and hit 175 ball with the Mizuno. That 175 is the fastest I've ever seen myself hit on a launch monitor. Normally high 160 low 170s. But I say that to say this, while I do have some yardage to give up, my game is to an extent built around my faster than average swing. I'm so used to being able to take advantage of par 5s and short par 4s, I don't want to stray too far away from that, as I almost feel like that's my golf dna per say. Maybe that's ignorant of me to say though, as I've never truly tried to set my bag and my game up around pure accuracy.
  11. Was the hotmelt placed with any sort of bias in mind? For example placed in the heel or toe?
  12. Still gaming 690 mbs (coming up on 20 years old at this point, although haven't played them for 20 years got them new about 6 or 7 years ago). Also game an Adam's idea pro a12 18* that's got to be 10+ years old. I rotate through a few putters, but my dad's old original dale head anser see at least half the season every year. Don't let old make you think bad. Irons, wedges, and putters haven't come as far as manufacturers want you to think.
  13. Guy above me is right, eye 2s by far win this as the most iconic ever. They were "revolutionary" for their time and I still see quite a few people playing them at the course even to this day. All the modern high toe wedges are based off this design too, not to mention every cavity back iron. Every brand has had their best that's notable, v steel, steelhead, etc but early ping can't be beat. Heck if you generalize, think about the anser putter. That is a ping original and every company offers their knock off of it now a days. Karsten Solheim really was a man ahead of his time.
  14. Although I also would like to add, I don't blame the STX for it's lack of adjustability as it's significantly cheaper which is still tempting. IMO club prices have gotten out of hand. I'm so glad I have a set and only need to replace as necessary. I can't imagine trying to get into the game rn and the sticker shock of club prices, costs of rounds, cost of balls, etc. I get used is an option, but also don't think all these "tech" they market warrants the price. Just my .02¢.
  15. Well, I agree in a perfect world I shouldn't have to choose, but at the same time, doesn't physics to a certain extend always make this a choice? For example let's say I spun one driver at 2600 and one at 2000, the 2600 spinning driver is always going to be shorter, but also always going to be a more stable flight. In my head it's all about the balance, which is why most people try to settle into something with about 2200ish backspin. Anyways, I am thinking I'm going to move forward with g425. Only thing really holding me back is the lack of adjustability in the STX. The only thing I could do to set up a one way miss (for me I'd want anti left) is opening the face. But the ping let's me open the face, make the club flatter, and put the wait on the toe. I don't think I'll need all that, but it's nice to know that it's there if I ever need it, as I don't change drivers often if I like them. I mean shoot if I loved the 425 I could easily be playing it for the next 6-7 years plus like I was with my previous 2 drivers.
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