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  1. It sounds like it takes a slightly different swing to time it. Anyone notice issues going back to regular shafts in the rest of their clubs?
  2. Nothing will feel like a pistolero but the lamkin deep etched gets a lot of love and is cheaper.
  3. Patrick Reed once had a Ventus Black Proto CB, the Fujikura guys said it doesn't make since to bring to retail as the regular Ventus is already counterbalanced enough.
  4. Looks like they are both using a KBS although Phil would be at the top of my most likely to try it list. The graphics are very similar. KBS just has red instead of the pink in the same area.
  5. I'll just add that during COVID times I can understand the lack of variety in people testing. They've done a great job of still producing content in a safe manner given all of the hurdles they've had this year. I'm sure when COVID is over they will sprinkle in more variety.
  6. Hate to be the millionith person to ask for a pm photo but why not!
  7. That's why I went sim with the adjustable hosel. Face angle and lie angle - the sim is flatter one degree and more open one degree usually, basically more fade biased. Going upright neutralized that and helps turn it over. I'm taller at 6'2" and someone shorter might have more issues going 4 up.
  8. I've had a lot of success with sim driver and 3 wood in upright setting
  9. Shot a 68 in 2015, not a lot of ams can go that low, much less in a tournament at Pebble.
  10. What have people been seeing for weight with the back weight? I'm sure they're not all the same, especially from sim to sim max and different lofts/lengths.
  11. 2012 Scotty Cameron Select Newport (Black). When I bought it in 2018 I did a lot of research into Scotty Camerons and found the 2012 select line had a big cult following, obviously the insert years were terrible. I've tried Ping, Toulon, Odyssey Protype, Bettinardi and nothing beats it. At the end of the day though everyone will be slightly different in their preference for feel and looks, just need to try them all. On my list to try still are Artisan and Mizuno, maybe a Brandon Matthew/Cody James/other custom makers.
  12. This would explain my recent success with dynamic gold in my irons and blue profiles in my woods. I've never liked the feel of PX even though I hit them well but did have some success in white/smoke black woods
  13. Never thought to track the nightmare round, might have to add that. Played a few worst ball scrambles with myself which is an eye opening experience.
  14. Normally do 100 rounds / year with 2 birdies a round for the last few years. This year because of Covid and now a baby I played less but got my index down to the lowest I've ever been, perfect timing... also still haven't had a hole in one 2020 HC 1-4 index - 51 rounds, 107 birdies, 5 eagles Course has One driveable par 4 (hit the green about 40%), (only two par 5's) one reachable par 5, the other none reachable par 5 has my third most birdies per hole usually with less than 100 on my third shot. 2017 it took until December to birdie every hole, superscore -18
  15. Would love to see sim max fairways with an adjustable hosel
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