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  1. I did a slightly different experiment with same length and weight as autoflex but with a more standard x flex, Aldila Rogue Elite Blue 55x. Another member (green) and I (blue) had another thread going with some more detailed results that people can look up if they want more. The long story short I was having trouble trying to swing faster while smooth with the autoflex to keep it consistently straight. I found the Aldila Rogue Elite Blue 55x for ~$60 I think. I played both Aldila (55g) and Autoflex 505x (54g) at 46". I found I could be aggressive again with the Aldila but probably
  2. you certainly have the speed for the name extrastiff, I had a hunch you'd be up there, missed opportunity not going with TX. Curious what differences you're seeing from the Hzrdus Green TX or other shafts if you know any of these stats - ball speed, carry, spin, dispersion, confidence in shot shape? Also what length for the Aldila and Hzrdus/other shafts?
  3. I was just about to post about my experience but found this so I'll keep it going here for now. I played an autoflex 505x at 46.75 and then 46 and now trying an Aldila Rogue Elite Blue (859) 55x currently at 46.25" but cutting down soon to 46" (weighed exactly 55g uncut). I've had success with both whiteboard(Aldila Green) and blueboard shafts but recently been loving blueboards so I went that route. The first thing to point out is a few years ago the Aldila Rogue Elites were $285 I think but you can find them now for $60, not a ton left. Next I wanted something between 50-60grams in an X flex
  4. The txg 3 wood video found the shaft drooping and deflecting more which would move a heel strike to the center, a center strike to the toe. The extra 3 wood head weight was mainly the reason but dynamically the shaft will react different for everyone. Because the total club weight on the driver is lower maybe that is causing the opposite result.
  5. Found some Getty Images that show varying stages of it, you'll have to click/open in new tab. Didn't want to screenshot and paste in case that is frowned upon. I'm sure there are more but we'll start with these. At the PGA when his shaft broke - either just the middle was changed (no infinity symbol) or its dirty (I doubt Bryson would hit a dirty faced driver) https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/bryson-dechambeau-of-the-united-states-affixes-his-new-news-photo/1264372625?adppopup=true US Open - shaved and shiny https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news
  6. Ian at TXG and Bryan LaRoche did not have great first experiences with sim2. They went back for a round 2 and were able to dial it in to be slightly better than sim1 or the same. I think if you can get the spin right then the sim2 is more forgiving.
  7. Txg saw over compression when Matt hit the regular chrome soft. Then the chrome soft x I think was better and now chrome soft x ls also better. I believe the MGS test (whether you trust them or not) basically said the firmer the ball the better efficiency and ball speed. Range balls obviously also subject to differences to premium balls, see the txg test on that. I don't have any hard data to reference right now (maybe I'll dig up an example) but lowering head weight too much does decrease smash and is a real concern. The hope is that with lighter head weight and lower smash the in
  8. I'm a tall guy too, although not as tall as you, playing +1 DG 120 x100s and I've always benefitted from being able to change the lie angle, especially with swing changes and getting better. The dbm forged look great and the black holds up but I'd be surprised if they can actually be bent later on by someone besides maltby. I play a 60 in their tour grind and maltby told me it can't be bent even though the website says it can. The te forged or ts1/ts2 would be more flexible options.
  9. In 2013 right after the deal, yes it was not good. But 2014 was obviously great though with 2 majors, and a couple wins in both 15&16 with a FedEx. Maybe if he doesn't change he doesn't waste a year in 2013.
  10. Molinari to callaway after he won the open and had a great 2018 as a free agent. I will say he switched and immediately won the 2019 Arnold palmer and had a shot on Sunday at the masters.. Maybe tiger killed him and not the switch in clubs
  11. There's being a club ho and then there's playing once or twice a month and buying hundreds of clubs over a few years, eating all the eBay fees to resell clubs hardly used, paying $80+ for a grip that I found for $40-50, buying "two woods, set of irons, 4 wedges, and 3 putters on ebay" with unexpected bills popping up. It isn't relevant to the post but I'm impressed, a true golfwrx'er that isn't really even on golfwrx
  12. I figured that was what you were talking about. My point is that he has more in the tank and his speed occasionally goes up when he gets comfortable and loose. I said it in another thread or earlier but I wouldn't be surprised if his body was moving faster with the ventus than the autoflex. At the same time I like those results and really want to try a ventus blue/red 5s. Having gamed ventus 6s and autoflex I do think the autoflex kicks more and is not just lightweight and long.
  13. Matt's speed has been up and down a lot, recently down. He said he had some sort of injury, changed his swing and probably trying to not reinjure anything. I think it proves the importance of same session head to head testing. A year ago he would hit 180 more often, recently he's been low 170s more often.
  14. He was pretty bad SG Off the tee even with some good drives he had some really bad ones. I do think I heard he had the longest ball on 16 all week, 338. Bryson's closest were 333 and 332. Finau 336. I didn't check everyone but DJ, Rory and Champ were shorter.
  15. That buyer has been selling a ton recently and currently posted a sim2 3wood which he says in the description he "had some unexpected bills come up". He claims it is "new" but you can clearly tell it has been hit in the grass from the sole. He seems super knowledgeable even offering to put a grip on a custom putter he was trying to sell. It just screams he dented it and knows he can get a refund. He does have some bad feedback as a seller.
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