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  1. Youre saying the head is lighter by 10g? Would you know the weight of the head?
  2. Hi guys. Looking for a bettinardi mallet (honeycomb face or the flywire, not the fit) that has no or close to zero offset. Id prefer a heel shafted one but am open to center shafted as well. Any models cone to mind?
  3. Anyone tried these out? Have been looking for a center shafted (or heel shafted no offset), milled, no insert putter and havent found many options other than seemore models. These look sweet, and i suppose being Japanese and Honma at that, all materials, tolerances, minutiae of the design have all been throughly studied...wondering though in actual use on the greens how they feel. By chance does anyone have experience with this line? I believe theyre 2017 models.
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