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  1. Is it true that Srixon strayed away from endo forging for the 785's and returned back to it for the zx7's?
  2. oh..... lol to each his own, goodluck.
  3. Try these: The GolfWorks Head Weights for Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters | The GolfWorks
  4. is it confirmed that the tsi2 16.5 is 140cc? seems to be the equivalent of a 7 wood from majority of manufacturers..
  5. Can anyone confirm that the Tsi2 4 wood/3HL head size is 140cc?
  6. ping g400/410/425 any of these should do the trick.
  7. Stuck in a dilemma recently as Ive been in search of a new putter, came across this shape and found it to really suit my eye. Putting the obvious differences aside, insert vs milled and reasonable price vs premium, would anyone care to share their pros and cons of either? Rolled these in store and had much better success with this shape over other mallets and mid mallet shapes. I am curious as Ive never used a milled face putter, are there differences in forgiveness, distance control, and roll on real greens. A bit hesitant to base my conclusions on performance in store on artif
  8. will these OG white hot inserts feel softer than the SL black microhinge inserts?
  9. dont overlook the Srixon u85 superb feel and forgiveness, pretty sweet off the tee too.
  10. Srixon is the ultimate "if you know, you know" type of brand. no fancy bells n whistles, average shelf appeal, minimal tour presence, but an absolute dream when it comes to feel and performance. Criminally overlooked and underrated.
  11. dont overlook the srixon z585/785 line.
  12. Don't they still offer their 60day or 90day playability guarantee? In which case you could buy a club and for whatever reason you are unsatisfied, you could return/exchange it for full value towards another club of choice. I remember at some point they "rented" out clubs for I believe $20 for a day or two to demo. I highly doubt they still offer this due to the pandemic, majority of Socal locations are permanently closed and the ones still operating don't even allow you to demo any clubs in store unless you book an appt for a proper fitting.
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