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  1. Wanted to see if any are gaming this shaft, more specifically in a ping driver. Currently gaming a tensei orange in my g410 and although its been performing quite consistently, I find that it has a tendency to spin a bit more than I'd like at times. Curious to see if any of you have much experience with this shaft and/or other CB shafts that you've had success with in a ping head. I have tried most of pings stock offerings with decent results just wanted to explore what aftermarket CB offerings were out there. For reference, swing speed hovers around 103~ w/ a moderate transition. Any input is appreciated. TIA
  2. Any J15 cb users care to share insight on the forgiveness of the 4 iron? equivalent to current zx7? zx5? TIA
  3. Mine came with modus 105x Im pretty sure you wont be disappointed with your set, these are absolute butter.
  4. Picked up a set of these irons primarily to pull the shafts that came with them but have been thoroughly impressed, mainly the feel and forgiveness. Been gaming 785's for a minute and these seem to provide just as good a feel and for me a noticeable amount of forgiveness especially in the long irons. I believe I have the JDM version of the x-cb's as I cannot find any information on this particular model other than a couple of pics. Are the lofts, lie, and length equivalent to the US release? If I am not mistaken, these are endo forged correct? These are my first set of bridgestones and I am kicking myself for taking this long to try them out. Initially was on the hunt for J15/J40's strictly from an aesthetic standpoint, but the performance and feel of the x-cb's have totally masked the visual imperfections and dissatisfactions that I initially had with them.
  5. Recently picked up a set of x-cb's to test against my 785's. So far very impressed. Anyone know what the difference is between these two?
  6. srixon u85 or zx UT should fit the bill, quite forgiving too.
  7. Is it true that Srixon strayed away from endo forging for the 785's and returned back to it for the zx7's?
  8. oh..... lol to each his own, goodluck.
  9. Try these: The GolfWorks Head Weights for Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters | The GolfWorks
  10. is it confirmed that the tsi2 16.5 is 140cc? seems to be the equivalent of a 7 wood from majority of manufacturers..
  11. Can anyone confirm that the Tsi2 4 wood/3HL head size is 140cc?
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