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  1. There's a small divot sometimes. It doesn't slide under the ball every time -- it happened once out of maybe 5 times the other day. But those are a killer.
  2. I have the 4H (21 degree) and have only hit it off the deck. I have been able to hold the greens without any problem. It does fly lower compared to my 5 iron but I hit my irons pretty high. I estimate I was getting 20 feet of roll or so with the hybrid. I also do not have that fast of swing speed (100 mph with driver).
  3. I typically use the bounce on my chip/pitch shots. But when the ground is wet on tight lies, my club sometimes slides under the ball because the ground is so soft and I hit the ball too high on the face (happened to me yesterday). How do you hit these shots?
  4. Played on the course today and the club performed well. Hit 2 of 3 greens from about 180-185 out, which I will take every time. My buddy, who is much faster than I am, hit it on the range today too with Trackman. He's a fitter and he really liked the feel and sound of the club. He was carrying it 200-210. He is going to put the hybrid into the lineup for fittings. He liked the versatility of the weight configuration and thinks it can work for a lot of people.
  5. It seemed normal to me. I had a carry bag before.
  6. Update: I've taken to the range a couple more times -- I haven't been able to play but will be playing a few times next week. In the stock setting, my ball flight remains straight or even to the right. I like this club the more I hit it. I was going to experiment with the weights but when I took the weight out, the piece that labels the weight remained. I didn't have much time and couldn't figure out how to pull the weight label out quickly so guess I will have to look that up. I was worried about moving the weights around and then forget which weight was which. My one concern last time was my ball flight was a little lower than what I prefer. It was a piercing ball flight as opposed to something high and soft. I'll have to experiment with it some more.
  7. I want to really thank @COBRA PUMA GOLFand @GolfWRX_Official for selecting me as a tester. Apologies for the delay. I tested the club Friday and Saturday with the intention of posting about it on Sunday. But then I had a health incident on Sunday that put me in the hospital for several days (it's not serious but I wasn't able to post). A little background on myself. I basically stopped golfing for about 10 years because I was too busy coaching my kids’ sports teams. That part of my life finished so I started golfing in January 2020. My equipment was 15 years old and I gradually all my equipment except for one club – my TaylorMade rescue 4H hybrid (anyone remember those?) When I got my irons (Srixon Zx5), I wasn’t sure if I wanted a 4-iron or a new hybrid so I just kept playing the rescue. So it currently goes from Zx5 5 iron, TM 22 degree hybrid and then Honma 18 degree TR21 hybrid. I decided against a 4-iron but the rescue kept performing and, honestly, I haven't found a new hybrid that I thought would perform any better. That is why I was excited to test the Cobra King Tec Hybrid. My driver SS is 100 and I am a 6 handicap. I got the 21 degree with UST Recoil 480 ESX Graphite Stiff shaft (my fitter told me which shaft to get). I did not even consider one of the customer shafts that the other testers ordered (quite generous by Cobra!) but I am happy with my selection. Packaging was secure and solid when the club arrived. The first thing I noticed is that this comes with a high-quality head cover. It has thick padding with quality stitching and the inside of the cover is soft and plush. This matters to me -- some manufacturer's include flimsy head covers that don't seem to reflect the club's value. The King Tec Hybrid's two-tone headcover resembles the bottom of the hybrid's design which is cool. It's a head cover that I will use in my bag (I often replace manufacturer headcovers if I don't like how they look). it The first impression is this is a good looking club! I don't like the look of a lot of hybrids but I really like this one. I like the two-tone matte/glossy finish and the head shape. The head is bigger than others but I actually didn't really notice that much until I compared it to my other hybrids. The other thing that initially stands out is that there is a lot of tech in this club -- unusual for a hybrid due to the small head size. There are 3 adjustable weights in the head in the toe, heel and back. On top of that, the hosel has a total of 8 adjustable settings (up or down 1-1.5 degrees, plus draw settings). Compared to my 18 degree Honma TR21 hybrid. Compared to the TaylorMade So far, I have hit the club a couple times at the range. My initial impression? I like it and will immediate put it in the bag. Like most players, my dreaded miss with a hybrid is the hook. That was not a problem for me. In fact, I hit fades initially with this club. I was actually able to go with my default iron swing where I feel like I'm really releasing my hands and I did not have problems with hooks. That is a different feel for me where I felt like I could just swing a hybrid aggressively like my irons. My well struck shots were straight and with a high trajectory -- these were shots that would easily hold the green. The sound is great -- low, dull thwack that did not have a tingy sound. It has a fantastic feel -- I often don't really like the feel of hybrids but this one is great. It just has a nice, solid feel. There's also good feedback -- I could tell where I was missing shots on the head. I'm not always able to tell with some other hybrids. This was in the hybrid's stock setting and I have yet to try the other settings. I was having problems with my Mevo connecting so I didn't test the other settings. Will do that in the future as I gap this club with the rest of my bag. The other thing I wanted to note is that I liked the face profile -- even though it is a bigger head, it looks like it has a lower face profile in my opinion. I have problems hitting clubs that feel blocky. I also really, really like the dark face -- not sure if it will stay like this but I could tell where I hit (or mis-hit) the ball. I wish all my clubs did this. Below you can see my patented toe shot. The other testers put up some quality photos of the crown of the club so I won't repeat. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to answer. My initial impressions are very positive and like I said, I will be putting into the bag. It would be huge if I can play this club without worrying about losing it left. I actually think the stock setting might work for me but I am looking forward to testing the fade bias. The thing I haven't really mentioned about this club is the speed -- based on what I've read, it's one of the strengths of this club. However, since I'm playing the 4 hybrid, that's not really a factor for me. I'm looking for a versatile club that can fill anywhere from 180-200 yards. I mention that because maybe this club has more value to someone who is looking for more distance with a 2 or 3 hybrid to fill a gap to their 3-wood (or replace it). I look forward to testing the club more and putting up more updates in the future. Thanks again to Cobra and Golf WRX!
  8. Update: I posted my initial review a few posts below. Hope you find it helpful. Placeholder I just got the hybrid and am looking forward to testing it out. I plan on testing it tomorrow and will post about it Sunday. Thank you to Cobra and GolfRX!
  9. City, State? Dallas, TX 1. Handicap? 6 2. Current hybrid? Honma Tr21 (19 degree) and TM Mid rescue (22 degree) 3. What is important to you in a hybrid? Distance control; High trajectory 4. Why do you want to review the Cobra KING Tec Hybrid? My 22 degree is over 15 years old -- I am interested in seeing if new hybrid would make a difference5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  10. Know you posted this a while ago, but I was curious why you wouldn't go down the birdie ball path again? I am considering well putt or birdie ball
  11. I actually stopped using planemate for similar reasons -- it did feel more body driven. Just throwing the hands felt more comfortable but I felt like I was topping out in my speed because I wasn't utilizing the rest of my body well enough. So I'm thinking of going back to trying the planemate. But it's interesting that the planemate helped your driver but caused problems with irons -- I was exact opposite. Hoping I can figure out the driver this time.
  12. Any users still read this thread? I had stopped using the PM but think I am going to start again -- I had some lessons and was focused on those feels. Used PM today and PM does seem to reinforce those feels. Question is using PM for driver and seeing if that has worked for others? Part of the reason I stopped using PM was that I felt like it was affecting my driver swing (not for the better). I was curious if others have seen the benefits with PM and their driver.
  13. At 115 yards and in, I'm aiming at the flag. 150 yards and in, generally toward the middle of the green or maybe right-center/left-center if it is a large green. More than 150 yards, I start taking into account hazards and will play away from them. Before each shot, I expect to hit the green no matter the distance. And when I don't, I'm not surprised because I miss greens all the time. I just find my ball and hit the next shot. From 75 yards and in (from a good lie), I can hit the green and be disappointed with my shot. So maybe this is the distance that I'm truly confident I will hit the green. So what distance am I confident I will be on the green? The answer is between 75-200 yards -- it depends what you mean. But I think the better question is how you manage the course from different distances.
  14. Great -- half those guys aren't playing this time and the other half qualified on merit. Guess which half Reed is in. He played like garbage in the team matches in 2018 -- probably shot in the 80s with his own ball.
  15. If Dechambeau had the year that Reed has had, then yeah, I would leave him off.
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