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  1. Thought my swing was in a place where I can finally get fit for some irons. I was really looking forward to it today and my numbers were terrible. Slow swing, poor contact, poor swing path, poor face control. Extremely, extremely frustrating. Could not even make good contact -- not sure how my buddy (he's the fitter) could fit me, but he felt confident he has me in a good set (Srixon 585 -- whatever the newer version will be in Jan). Thing that surprised me is that I was coming over the top around -5 degrees. That's with me trying to cast to 8. Apparently, not doing it. My ball fl
  2. Where are you hitting it on the face? Foot spray if you don't know.
  3. Yeah, that makes sense. Whatever gets you to that corner safely.
  4. Nice round! I skimmed some of your recaps. Just my 2 cents, but on par 5s, unless you're trying to avoid hazards, I think you need to get as close as you can your first two shots. I wouldn't strategize to get there in 4 shots. That brings double bogey into play more often. The par 5s is where you should be shooting closest to par. It looks like your driver is just as good as any other club -- I would hit that as much as possible. I don't think teeing off with 4W on par 5 is that great -- you're giving up 40 yards right off the bat. If you hit it well. You don't have th
  5. That's an interesting calculation. My driver carry was 244 yards. If I use total distance, 260 total yards gets me to 7280. I'd say wedges are a strength. Everything needs improvement but feel like putting is the lowest hanging fruit -- think I can pick up a couple strokes per round. Last 10 rounds: GIR 43%. That includes 2 rounds from gold tees, which were 44% GIR. Since I got my new putter (8 rounds), 32.3 putts (dropped 1 putt vs. old putter). 2.0 for GIR and 1.7 putts for non-GIR. 40% scrambling. I have too many holes where I don't get up and down fro
  6. Personally, line has been so helpful that it's almost like cheating. Before, I had trouble lining up correctly. Then I got the triple track putter to line up with 3 lines on the ball, and it's even better. Watch this video starting at 6 minutes. It says game changer in the video and it totally was for me. I learned how to set up so the lines look like they are pointing how I want them to. Gives me a lot more confidence standing over the putt.
  7. That's interesting about your drives. Playing worst ball is an interesting idea. Assume that really helps your mental game.
  8. Gotcha. I do aspire to break par some day but I'm not anywhere close to that now.
  9. Think this is meant for a different thread but I like that advice!
  10. I've played the back tees a few more times and I do feel like it's helping me become a more well-rounded golfer. Couple weeks ago from back tees, I started 2 over after 3 holes and then played the next 9 holes 1 under. Only got 12 holes in but finished +1. This week I shot an 83 (including quintuple bogey (yes, +5) and double bogey on 17 and 18) and an 81 from back tees. Even though they were blah rounds, they actually dropped my handicap by almost a stroke. Benefits from playing the tips! I was 9.6 when I started this thread a month ago and now am at 7.4 handicap. Even
  11. It would save me about 2 strokes. Drop down to ~31 putts from ~33. Over last month, my average is 80.7.
  12. I started playing about a year ago after taking a decade off. My scores were mid 90s. Now I'm at 8.8 handicap -- still not good but getting better. I was a 12 handicap before my break. My improvement is due to hitting into a net. I hit into the net 5-6 times a week. There's no way I could get to the range that often. I have a mirror and occasionally use video (maybe once a month) -- should use it more. But I think almost everyone should use video more, even at the range. I never see anyone recording their swing. I don't understand this idea of "grooving" a bad swing. I
  13. This is how I feel. I had 28 putts today -- 5 below my average. The key was to miss a ton of GIRs. Problem solved.
  14. Thought this was an interesting video on putting
  15. My goal is to improve my putting stroke. Get better at putting the ball on line consistently. In the last two months, I'm at 7.6 GIR per round. My goal is to get it to 9. Irons are the problem. Working on swing but my buddy who is a fitter thinks my equipment is a problem and I'll be getting fit in next few weeks. Scrambling is 38%. Pitching needs to get better but I also think my approaches are too far from hole.
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