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  1. Got my bag today -- was supposed to be Monday but I live in Dallas. I am really glad I got it -- I love how this thing looks. I went with the 14 way dividers (hope I like it). I was worried it might be too bulky but it's not for me. It still looks like a carry bag as opposed to a cart bag. I was surprised at how the material felt -- I thought it would be something closer to a pleather. But it has a more plasticky feel to it -- which I think is fine and will be easier to keep clean. They also included the cart sleeve. I thought I might have to order one separately but th
  2. I started this because I feel like people on this forum have a pretty high standard for what is a good golfer. I feel like if someone can shoot in the 80's, that's a pretty good golfer. I played a lot of rounds this year with strangers and there's a lot of people who don't come close to that. That said, I used to think if I could get to mid-single digit handicap, I'd be pretty satisfied because I thought that was pretty good. Well, I made it there and I still feel like I suck. So now I feel like low handicap/scratch is good.
  3. There's another thread that is prompting this question. It might be interesting (maybe not) to learn: 1) What is your handicap? 2) What do you consider to be a good golfer?
  4. What are the rules that can lower scores? I need some of them -- the ones I know only make my scores go higher.
  5. It's interesting that most answers are around aim (left/right). Only @MonteScheinblumand a couple others addressed distance control. I think for a lot of amateurs, choosing the wrong club causes just as many if not more problems as the wrong aim.
  6. Do you have a hook or a draw? I don't understand why she would want to get rid of a draw. There's a LOT of pros whose natural shot shape is a draw. And not "all pros try to miss right." Their miss is dictated by the hole.
  7. Yeah, I decided to just go with the III. I recently got new forged irons and decided to go with the 14 way, which looks like it fits clubs better in the 3.0 than the 2.0. I'm hoping it's not too bulky.
  8. They're in stock. I just ordered mine
  9. Put something in front of the ball like a tee or head cover.
  10. Apparently won't be in stock until end of March. My bag is falling apart but I'm going to wait.
  11. I don't know the answer but both of my girls are lefthanded. I did get them golf clubs (prob too late) and they're more interested in other sports. But I would say that it's much easier equipment-wise if your daughter plays right-handed, especially if you want to just buy used equipment as she ages up until/if she gets serious.
  12. Ok, practiced it and think I know the feel I need to have. I need to do a slower hinge than what I've been doing.
  13. @Krt22 @Hawkeye77 On those short ones, do you feel like you're primarily just hinging your wrists? Or are you still rotating your arms/chest back with a wrist hinge? On the short chips, I feel like it's one or the other with me. I either need to rotate with passive hands or just hinge my wrists (know there's prob a little rotation but that's what it feels like).
  14. I have the same issue on shorter shots where carry is under 10 yards. Longer pitches I feel like I can let my right hand release fully. I'm a lot worse than I should be on the short pitches where up and down should be automatic.
  15. If you don't have any physical limitations (like real limitations, not just being overweight), you have an issue with your technique if you're only driving it 190. I wouldn't accept that is the best that you can do and I also wouldn't worry about increasing your swing speed. You have to fix your swing first and the speed will follow. You also should find an instructor who can help you and stick with him/her. Changes take time. Sounds like you're seeing a lot of instructors and expecting them to fix you. You won't improve until you commit to a swing change and be consistent.
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