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  1. Each swing, have a single thought. Like where he told you to push off your back foot. Just practice that until you can't get it wrong (not until you get it right). Doesn't matter if you mess up every other part of the swing. Just focus on the back foot. Once you get that down, focus on something else. Like the hip turn. Practice that until you can't get it wrong. The key is not to try and remember everything at once. You can't do it -- no one can. Focus on one thing and then move to the next. Think through the progression he taught you. I would practice t
  2. He is teaching you the full swing. You just don't know it yet.
  3. Yeah, I think the "vegan leather" will work for golf shoes to keep them clean. But I wouldn't want that in the regular shoes.
  4. These dropped today and I absolutely love they look! Feel comfortable, too. Hope they don't become too popular on the course.
  5. In last year, I've replaced my irons, driver, wedges, 3 wood, putter and bag. I picked these up today and am just as excited about these as anything else (I've probably been most excited about my vessel bag and Stan Smith shoes, not sure what that says about me). Transformation almost complete, need to decide between new 4H or 4 iron.
  6. In my opinion, short game can help but it won't get you to next level where you're shooting in the 70s. If you want to take next step from 84-90, you have to improve your swing. I saw the most improvement when I could start hitting driver with decent length and also got my wedges dialed in.
  7. I think it's funny how many "I'm the worst 4-6 handicap" golfers are on this thread. I fall in that camp. But if we were better ball strikers, we would probably be closer to scratch. It was surprising to me when I realized how bad I could be at golf and still be a mid-single digit handicap.
  8. My favorite moment was when Hideki was walking from the 18th green past the fans. He didn't show a lot of emotion on the green. But the look on his face as he tried to keep it together during that walk showed how much that win meant to him. That was pretty cool to see.
  9. What equipment would I need? i have a home gym -- barbell, rack, bench, dumbbells, etc.
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