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  1. Absolutely! I still putt with an old Ping Eye-2 I got 7 or 8 years ago from my grandad which I think you can pick up on ebay for less than $60 now. It's a brilliant putter and nothing has even come close to replicating or replacing the feel I have with it.
  2. Bit of an odd question, but does anybody have a picture of what the head covers look like?
  3. The stealth and regular Glides are made from different types of steel, and have a minorly different feel. In addition, the steel the stealths are made of rusts if they are raw, so in theory this wedge should rust. If I'm remembering this all correctly, of course.
  4. My clubs are hand me downs, so I'm curious to know what the original specs were. I'm pretty sure it's the original shaft in them but I guess it'd be cool to know. Thanks in advance! (This is the part where we hope I copied the serial down correctly) 273461MR
  5. Personally I believe it does matter to an extant, but only so far as you should putt with what you're comfortable with. Anecdotally, I've used a hand me down Eye 2 ever since I was tall enough to, and that putter has moderate toe-hang. My putting stroke is pretty close to straight back and straight through. I picked up a few face-balanced putters last time I was at Roger Dunn, and noticed I pulled nearly all of them left. Probably something to do with my now natural compensation for the toe hang in my putter.
  6. I've gamed a Ping Eye 2 putter since I was tall enough to use it and it was handed down to me (about 6-7 years ago, I was 14 ish). I adore it, absolutely one of the best feeling putters I've used. I've kept it in great condition, original shaft too. Just bought a head cover for it to keep its face neat.
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