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  1. The answer is, and always will be (for me), The Unicorn: Cleveland Hibore XL 2 Wood. Keep trying new drivers, keep going back to my Little Hombre (yes, I've named it). So easy to hit, such a satisfying sound, large enough to inspire confidence, short enough shaft to back that confidence up. Love it.
  2. It's been a while since I've posted anything on the BST and I've developed a bit of an equipment logjam. All prices include CONUS shipping. Everything is OBO so if any of my prices look out of line, feel free to send me a reasonable offer. The only trade items I'm interested in are a Cobra LTD driver (would be willing to kick in cash to even out a trade if necessary) or a Cobra Fly Z driver. No other trade offers please. Taylormade SLDR 14* Driver with Motore F1 65 stiff shaft. Approx 45.5". In excellent shape with a clean crown and very little wear on the face or sole. Does not include tool
  3. I'm fairly certain that my driving woes are due COMPLETELY to the substandard stock shafts I've been using - a new Rogue is my only hope Seriously, awesome giveaway. [color=#282828]Tour Silver 60 Stiff for me.[/color]
  4. Just got off the phone with the concierge, I went with N.S. Pro Modus3 stiff shafts, standard lie, black Iomic Sticky 2.3s with two wraps of tape. They're shooting to have them in my hands on August 15th. In my many years of rampant ho'ing, I've never dropped this much coin on a single set of clubs before.Two weeks away and I'm already feeling nervous about hitting them
  5. Got mine! Just got off the phone with the confirmation rep, Nike concierge is going to call me for specs at 3pm today
  6. Just one item up for sale today, a set of very lightly used Adams XTD Forged blades, 5-PW, stiff flex KBS C-Taper shafts with Iomic Sticky Evolution 2.3 grips. These don't have more than a handful of rounds on them and have just the very slightest bit of ball wear showing up on some of the faces. Overall they are in superb shape. These feel outstanding, produce a beautiful, long ball flight and are probably some of the most forgiving blades I've ever hit. But they are still blades and sadly for me, I suck at golf. These are still more than my meager game can handle - I'm just a G25 kinda guy
  7. The gear isn't piquing the interest but sent a little your way to help out. Keep your head up and best wishes.
  8. Agree with everyone else here - nowhere does the seller say the weights are authentic. The fact he says they are custom and he (or she) is clearly providing a product that won't hold up to even cursory inspection strongly suggests that these are after-market. I'm not going to bash Scotty Cameron (I've got two Scotty putters myself although they aren't currently in the bag). His products have a strong following and enough marketing muscle that allow big price tags which the market has and will continue to bear. Good on him: capitalism at it's finest and if you don't like it - which many peop
  9. A 22 degree Adams with an Ozik is the regular Super Hybrid, not the XTD right?
  10. Normally I defend Golfsmith in these threads because the local stores in the Northern VA area are AWESOME...but I just had my first "Golfsmith'd" online moment this past week. Ordered a pair of Fast Jackets with G30 lenses and it said shipping would happen in about a week. Not a biggie, there was no rush. The week plus another week came and went with no word and no change in the online shipping status. A week after that I log in to see what's up and it says my order has been cancelled but no explanation given as to why and no notification sent to me. Further, no credit issued to my credit card
  11. [quote name='BigGameBalls' timestamp='1376106005' post='7645782'] I know Wilson's in reality are probably great clubs but in my mind I still see them as the cheap clubs I walked into sportmart and picked up 15 years ago. I'll try all of the ping G series and the mizuno jpx. [/quote] It's a fairly common misperception and one that is largely Wilson's own doing. For a long time they just didn't make enough of an effort to distinguish between the Wilson stuff sold at K-mart and the top notch gear sold under the Wilson Staff name. But they really do make clubs that are every bit as good as wha
  12. Somebody said the D100s but I'll go a step further in the bang for your buck department and say the W/S DI-11s. Generation prior to the D-100s, these things are uber-forgiving, feel great, and are not as "shovel-y" as you might expect. And these days you could get a set in great condition for under two bills pretty easily on eBay, sometimes even brand new.
  13. Just a few things to sell today. As always, prices include CONUS shipping and no sale is considered final until money hits my Paypal account. As far as trades go, I'd really only be interested in a G25 12* driver (complete club or shaft only) which is probably a long shot... Next is a Callaway X-Hot 11.5* Ladies driver head with custom greet paint fill. Bought this as a high launch, low spin experiment with a Diamana Whiteboard and while it worked very well, it wasn't enough to kick my Anser/ADDI combo out of the bag. Head is in fantastic shape with just a tiny, tiny, little rub mark on the
  14. I do think eBay plays a role here. A decent number of ____s have sold between $225-$250 there and it seems like you never get as much for clubs on the BST. Based on that, I'd say his offer is on the low side but not all that egregious.
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