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  1. I've had my set for about two months now with the recoils. I thought I'd made a mistake for the first month as the recoils took some getting used to, but last weekend I shot my personal best - 77. I don't know that I hit them much longer than my last set (Mizuno MX-200s) but they feel great and shots off the toe, my regular miss, aren't punished as badly. Not sure they're the best irons out there, but they're really nice and I'm glad I bought them.
  2. I am assuming you play either the B330rx/s. I swing ~103 with a lot of in round driver swings at 98-100 (same as you) and I play the B330. I fell in love with this ball before ever even trying the rx. If anything I found a distance gain, not loss. I eventually tried the rx, and did not like it. I found it mushy off the tee with a slight distance loss, and the spin around the green wasn't up to snuff. I do prefer a firm feeling off the driver, so this might be why I ditched the rx pretty quick. I then went to a live Bstone fitting and got fitted to the B330, despite my ss being under 105. The 1
  3. While some people may be able to switch between clubs without much if any adjustment I'm not one of those people. When I switched from my old vokey to a cleveland it took me about 2-3 months before I gained any consistency. You probably just need some more time and practice so give it a little more time and if there's a change in the bounce of the wedges that can take some adjustment too. Good luck.
  4. I've got a 13.5 degree XR16. There, I said it. Strange combination with a stiff shaft but my launch angle seemed to require it. I hit high bombs with it and although it flies a little higher than I'd like sometime it really is nice to watch a good high drive the likes of which I could never achieve with a 10.5.
  5. I've played different irons for the odd round in the past and never had too many difficulties, but then my expectations were never very high. Last week I bought a set of Apex irons with recoil shafts and it really seems to be throwing me off. My swing was a little off before the switch regardless, but I'm wondering if I need to make use of the 30 day return policy. I'll give it another week or two - they are nice irons and the shafts, although really light, seem nice and stable.
  6. I never thought I'd be contributing to this thread, but after an extensive few days of fittings at Golf Town I ended up getting Apex CF16 5-A with recoils. A big switch in shafts from what I'm used to (Dynalite Gold XP) and initially thought I'd swing too fast with them but not in a good way. If anything my tempo is a little better with them since I'm taking the club back a little slower and with an easy swing you can still crush the ball. Unfortunately my swing is still not great and in my first round with them I somehow managed to hit every iron, but not many from the fairway since my course
  7. Smart thinking. I'm a 15 and probably have no business playing urethane balls, but I honestly don't notice any difference in straightness when I switch to surlyn. The only reason I play urethane is that I love how they react on the very few times when I hit really good shots around the green. Perhaps it's time I played a few rounds with surlyn balls again just to see if I score any better.
  8. The benefit would vary depending on how many balls you lose, how often you use a ball washer and how much sharpie marks on your clubs bother you. I'm hoping somebody will report on the yellow truvis. My eyesight is terrible and I'd love to be able to track my ball better. It's cruel irony that I've gotten longer as my eyesight has gotten worse.
  9. Callaway made my first serious irons and driver. A few years later (around when I joined here) I swapped my X-20 Tours for Mizunos and my FT-5 for a G15 driver. Fast forward to this spring and thought I'd give the M1 a try. I didn't hit it all that well and the folks at Golf Town convinced me to give the XR16 a try. Instant improvement in distance and dispersion over everything else I've tried. The XR irons are pretty serious too, but for me I didn't seem to have great distance control even if I had far more distance with them. I'm not sure how many more Callaway products I'll buy in the futur
  10. All pressure off today. Shot under my cap today - 16 strokes less than yesterday (yes, I really was that bad yesterday). Best part was playing with some great guys that I'll be playing with again tomorrow. Even though I had a bad tourney I had a fantastic day today and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
  11. Terrible - see post#20. However, today is a new day and I'm certainly not nervous now. Hopefully I'll get that feeling just enough to focus my energies on each shot. I can only get better from here on in.
  12. I'm guess I'm glad I haven't tried the Steel fibers. I did try the XP95 and the AWT and the AWT felt far superior in feel and gave me slightly better results. I'm pretty much happy at leaving it there, but then I'm not entirely sold on upgrading irons quite yet.
  13. I haven't played the Chrome, but I have had a few dozen of the Hex Chrome+. I played last year's 330RX today and it definitely is a little longer than the Chrome+ but has nowhere near the greenside spin. I've only played one sleeve of the 2016 330RXS, but from my limited experience it seems to spin closer to the Chrome+ but is longer.
  14. While I'm nowhere near the player you are I have experienced good stress and it seemed like that was the case at the beginning. I think having last year's results in my head made me lose my way once I had the inevitable struggles that accompany any round let alone a competitive round. I will either bounce back tomorrow or grind it out. Either way I should just be happy to be fortunate enough to have this tournament as a "problem". Cheers!
  15. It turns out that nerves weren't an issue at all. I was one over after three holes thinking things were okay - I even holed out putts that would normally make me nervous. Unfortunately, what I didn't count on was problems with focus. I started to fall apart on the par 5 fourth just due to trying to go for the green in two (into the hazard). Choked on the next shot, etc. and ended up with an 8. Followed it up with a big string of bogies until I made the same mistake on the par 5 9th as I did on the 4th (into the hazard). Got away with a double and walked to the back nine thinking that I'd blown
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