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  1. In performance maybe, looks and feel definitely not. Obviously can’t tell anything about feel looking at pictures and to some degree looks as pictures are not the same as the real thing, but from what I see these look way too similar to the 20s, and the smallest change from release to release in a while.
  2. So as a proud mp20 player I’m trying not to be overly negative but I’m finding myself underwhelmed. Surprised the head shape is so similar. The difference between the 18 and 20 had me try them, these just look so similar I don’t have any inkling to upgrade. If I didn’t own the 20s things would be different but it feels like a possible lost opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice shape and the irons I’m sure will be great, but I’m just feeling no urge to upgrade.
  3. So I already posted this video in this thread but in a different context (1) AutoFlex vs Grand Bassara Ultralite Graphite Shaft - YouTube There isn't a ton available to compare but this suggests it's a bit more than that and you really need both shafts to compare. I'm also dubious that it's just a lightweight shaft as if it were that simple you would imagine someone would have already come out with a competing product. I actually suspect there are two things going on: 1. In general lighter shafts would probably boost most people's swings. Crossfield did some videos abo
  4. I’ll add another vote to ZX7s, and I don’t even play them. I love my MP20s, but of all the CB irons out there these may be the only ones that don’t look like a downgrade. Can’t speak for performance as I’ve not hit them, but they’re really nice irons for sure.
  5. Lessons and self teaching are not mutually exclusive. I take lessons every 2 weeks, even then that is not enough if you want to improve. You still need to practice and discover your tendencies and find your swing. What lessons do for me is they focus me on the right things. I am always amazed with how I mis-diagnose the root cause of my issues. A good instructor will explain what to work on, or what is causing your issues but you still do the work and can control your progression. My most recent example was a discovery of sub optimal weight distribution on setup. This g
  6. Here’s at least one datapoint. Not quite the same.
  7. For anyone who cares, I actually talked to my club fitter and it was cut I just don't know what to. They cut it to get it to D1, so I don't have the measurements. That makes a ton more sense to me now.
  8. Full length, standard epic speed head, don’t have the exact weight. Shaft was the 505. Oh and it was uncut. The shaft snapped right on/after impact, as i still hit a huge drive for me 250 yards uphill and dead straight. I heard a crack and then saw my club head fall to the ground.
  9. Lol, actually someone on YouTube already cut one open. Looks like warranty is good and I’m upgrading to the X. It makes no sense that’s the reason it snapped, but I was at the edge anyway and swinging harder, at this point psychologically I need a bit more.
  10. R.I.P autoflex. Hopefully I don’t have a hassle replacing it. Anyone else had this happen? Any issues with replacement?
  11. Yeah... hope my significant other doesn't look too deeply at the credit card statements. Can't buy a game, but these absolutely bought me 20 yards combined to tackle those pesky par 5s.
  12. The top of the bag is complete, Epic Speed meet Sim2 TI. Autoflex in the speed with a TourAD VR 7s in the 3w to gap nicely.
  13. All new this year Driver: Epic Speed at 9 with Autoflex 505 3W: Taylormade Sim2 TI with AD-VR 7S with the gains on the AF shaft I had to find the longest 3w to match without getting another AF, i think I found it with the TI. Hopefully a great combo
  14. This is only a personal opinion as I happen to be working on exactly that part of the swing (tempo) but I do buy into the training aid part of it. While I don't think any swing style can fit the AF, the inverse doesn't need to be true, meaning that things like iron shafts may work just as well with a strong or smooth transition. If you went from something completely heavy/boardy to an AF then maybe... but for me I've noticed my AF moving to my other clubs and to benefit rather than detriment. I may re-shaft my 3w, but that's just because I have a left over driver shaft that my AF r
  15. Agreed with posters above. It does transfer to the course, but mentally you do have to deal. The price tag is an issue, I felt a ton of pressure early, but it goes away, I just had my third round with it and I think less and less about those things. I will say, for me it forces to swing the way I want to on all my swings, smoother tempo and better transition. If you don’t want to match and it feels get different it can be a i issue. It does have to feel good.
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