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  1. I have a sale a set of mint Titleist T100 4-PW with Nippon Modus S flex. These irons were put together from Sellingers in the DFW area. Have been played for four rounds and a couple of range sessions. Specs are 1* upright, Std Loft, and .5" long with D3 SW gripped with Tour Velvet .580r logo underneath. Looking to sell no trades $1300 shipped and paypal'd. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks,
  2. Was cruising through Getty and saw an interesting image from Tigers bag with an MP -14 iron in it from a practice day for the Match. Always think it's cool when the old great ones are brought back on in the modern era and the MP 14 was tough to beat.
  3. Thanks Guys, much appreciated. Just went with it at 45" no tip.
  4. Coming from a DI 6X tipped 1" at 44.75 and wanted to know if Tipping a Tour Green 65 X 1" would be too much at 45"? I have the tour blue 75 X in three wood tipped 1" and it's perfect. Just don't want to make driver too boardy. Any suggestions or experience would be appreciated. Thanks, Croonie
  5. Need a little assistance on tipping of the AV Blue for three wood. Current driver shaft is GD - DI 6X tipped 1". Mitsu says .5" for tipping 3 - wood but in past experience these play soft. Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience tipping the 75x to play true to flex. SS is 110-114 . Cheers!
  6. 1. For sale a combo set of PXG Irons 4-PW w/ 50* Wedge (4-6 0311 & 7-PW 0311T). These have been played for 10 rounds and used for a few practice sessions. They are in fantastic shape and shafted with the Nippon Pro Modus 120 Stiff. The specs are followed. Shaft: Nippon Pro Modus 120 Flex: Stiff Length: +.5" Gripped with GP Tour Velvet ribbed. Lie: 1* Upright Lofts: 4 Iron 23*, 5 Iron 26*, 6 Iron 29*, 7 Iron 33*, 8 Iron 37*, 9 Iron 41.5*, PW 46.5* Price: $2,200 Shipped and Paypal'd 2. For sale is a Mint PXG 0317 19* hybrid. This has been played for maybe 10 rou
  7. So what you're saying is I might as well delete the app and just use the iphone safari for mobile access? Croonie
  8. Please fix your app. I'm constantly getting booted off/app crashes. It's a serious inconvenience while trying to enjoy WRX especially when I'm on part 3 of 6 for a witb. On the front end of membership here and have seen the growth and what you've guys done. Thank you Croonie
  9. The Srixon brand has always offered an extremely high quality product. Even several years ago the Pro-100's were some of the best blades every made in my opinion. It's nice to see that they've invested in really promoting their products in the US especially with PGA Tour players.
  10. Can these guys come up with a straight up old school blade, something that Hogan would actually be proud of? They used to make some great great golf clubs. Croonie
  11. Does anyone know of a solid club maker here in Atlanta? Have a few things that I need to get done and looking for a solid guy who knows what he's doing. Thanks for the help fellas. Croonie
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