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  1. Brand new sz 14 Jordan V $255 shipped or possible trade for a driver of equal value. I grew up in the '90s so I always loved my classic Jordans but this is the first pair of jordan golf shoes I purchased and I just can't do it.
  2. It amazes me how buying grips on here is like trying to buy ammo, gone as soon as they're listed. You can list a set of irons 50% off retail and they last 2 weeks but a few bucks off grips and people go nuts lol.
  3. I thought I would at least have a little action on them at that price. I really dont want to take them to the bay
  4. Sure thing, sorry it must have cut a couple of my pictures off.
  5. 1. P760 4-P x100 shafts, .5 long and 1° up. Gp z cord. SOLD shipped. I purchased these at the end of the season and it only took me a handful of rounds to realize my game is more cut out for the p790s. the 8 iron was missing when I received the set so they ordered me a brand new one directly from TaylorMade thats why the shaft label is different. Very minimal bag chatter and the grooves are in excellent condition with no browning as you can see from the pics. 2. 2 pairs of adidas pants, 1 pair under armour pants, and an Adidas vest I would like to sell all together for sold shipped
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