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  1. Peoria! I'm glad I'm not the only guy on here from CI!
  2. It is. I currently have 2 guys ahead of you. Waiting on a response from 1 of them.
  3. Hey man. I'm shipping from Central Illinois. I have one guy I'm waiting on who may purchase but if he falls through I'll let you know.
  4. Yessir! I also have a longer shaft I'm gonna tinker with. GL to you as well! Hopefully we'll get paired up a few times!
  5. Yo what's up Judah!! Ya I'm gonna be gaming the G425 here in a few weeks.
  6. Used for a year and ready to move on. $150 shipped lower 48 via UPS. Grip is lamkin crossline cord, shaft is Hzrdus yellow 76 gram 6.5. Plays 45.25 inches. Comes with tool and headcover pictured. PayPal is PayPal.me/isaakramsey.
  7. If you are willing to foot the shipping bill I would be more than happy to ship to the UK
  8. BNIP (the plastic ripped right at the grip when I took it out of the box. There is a picture included of that). First to PayPal [email protected] gets it. $1,250 shipped via UPS and it will be locked down like it's Fort Knox.
  9. All prices are shipped lower 48. Shipped via UPS. I will bundle and give $10 discounts if clubs are bundled. PayPal is PayPal.Me/isaakramsey $200 Golf Buddy Aim L10V used for one round, and I just didn't really use the speaker feature but a great rangefinder if I didn't already have one with slope. $115 Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 15*. Was my backup. There is a wear mark as shown in pictures. Smoke Black 70 gram 6.0. Standard length and tour velvet 360 grip. Tons of life left in this guy. Comes with head cover. 8/10 $100 Callaway Apex Pro 19 3 iron. Found
  10. Taylormade Truss TM2 Center-Shaft Used for a month. Plays 35" and headcover is included. $150 $135 shipped via USPS. Open to other putter trades but would prefer to sell.
  11. Used for this summer. Images do all the talking. There is a mark on the crow which is shown. The shaft plays 45". Tipped 1". The club will be shipped with the head off of the shaft. There is no tool but I will include the original headcover which was used for 1 round. $225 shipped via USPS.
  12. Just what the title says. Bought this off a friend and I used for 2 weeks. 35". 300 shipped UPS.
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