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  1. Got a sample pair of 11s with the free sole. The volt on the sole of the released pair always bothered me. The mesh upper is nice too
  2. This is an amazing shoe! No stability issues, and impressed with how easy they were to wipe clean. I only wish I had grabbed the other colors
  3. These are definitely nicer in person than I expected. Anyone still on the fence should grab a pair.
  4. I found them on eBay. Someone was auctioning the collection of a former Nike innovation employee. There were a ton of crazy samples
  5. > @JMH1220 said: > > @Spartans23 said: > > Restock of the white 11s on Nike app > > Huh? I don’t see Member access. I got an alert for them. Check your unlocks
  6. Started playing golf in 97 and remember begging my parents for these with no luck. Glad I could finally add them to my collection.
  7. Which style of hat is it? It just says Nike Sport Hat on Malbon so I wasn't sure if that was a classic 99 or what. Both my orders were finally marked as shipped as well. It is the classic 99 did you get a gift for them shipping the order 2 weeks later than originally stated? No gift. The email I got with the shipping delay said they would include a gift with the next order
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