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  1. Would you be able to describe butt, mid, tip like GD does? I’ve noticed I always fit into a softer butt section with stiffer mid and tip. Great stuff!
  2. National Customs for sure Also I don’t know if this counts but I love the custom shafts by Accra. You can do some pretty amazing color schemes.
  3. New Level 1031 Also played 1026 and 902 but settled on 1031. You won’t find a better combination of feel (fully forged), playability (offsets, sole widths, stronger lofts, heel to toe length), and cost (most about $100 a club right now) than New Level. I was using P790, Cobra Forged Tec, and Srixon 585 before finding New Level. If you like forged feel but want a game improvement iron that looks NOTHING like a game improvement iron....these things are amazing. Also, pics don’t do it justice until you hold one. The detail on the milling is crazy. Lots of comments from people I play with.
  4. Got a non-tipped Black Ventus 6x that I love playing at 44.75” but it’s wears me out throughout the round. Anyone got a 6s to trade? :) Installed a Black Ventus 7x in my 3 wood and that thing is a missle.
  5. GAPR KBS is softer but still feels great. I was playing 85X in the GAPR green label version and 95S in the aftermarket red label version. Performance difference is not massive but I needed a heavier weight so went with the red label 95S. I don’t think the average player sees a huge difference, not to mention we’re talking about a club that doesn’t get a ton of use in a round. Better to focus on which GAPR makes sense for your game. I ditched the GAPR Lo because the lie angle was too upright and you can’t adjust lower. Went back to the TP UDI so I could have it bent to 59 degrees.
  6. Anyone have experience with Ventura Black 7x in a fairway? Any tipping recommendations for a fairway? I think it’s usually 1/2”....
  7. Change your setup with driver.... Open your stance a bit but keep shoulders pointing down target line. Move the ball forward in your stance BUT also closer. A lot of people move the ball forward but forget the swing is on a arc so you need to bring in closer. You might be reaching for the ball causing a flip/early extension. Think about it this way....if the ball was a couple inches from your lead foot could you flip and release early? You’d never hit the ball.
  8. Could be wrong but I heard rumors these may be following a flex pattern similar to Accra TZ shafts. Wouldn’t be surprised to see extremely low torque. If they can do that while producing a smooth KBS feel.....oh boy.
  9. Tested a lot of Hybrid shafts through a local club fitter. We all agree the KBS Prototype is the best ESPECIALLY if you play KBS iron shafts. I really want to see KBS make a run at driver/fairway shafts.
  10. I’ve never gone off manufacturer recommendations of launch for a shaft. Your driver loft is going to dictate the height more than anything. If you bow your wrist significantly and have a negative AoA I would recommend increasing driver loft but also move the ball up in your stance. When it comes to shafts you are talking about various kickpoints in the shaft. Supposed “high launch” shafts generally have a kickpoint closer to the head. Depends what you prefer but the shaft/weight/flex is to help you dial in consistent impact into the driver head. The driver head will then decide how to launch t
  11. Build an 11.5* turned down one click to open the face with a Ventus Blue 6x @ 43.875”. Same distance as my M5 from what I can tell. Actually hit a couple maybe further. Out drove my buddy twice who usually hits it as far as my M5 but I was more accurate. Tee it down and I hit low bullets. Tee it up 1/2”-3/4” and it launches high. So versatile....I can’t do that with M5. Also playing the ball just inside my left heel (about the same as 3W). Haven’t tried it off the fairway yet but that’s coming. Got it on a foresight to check numbers and spin was consistently 1900-2300. Ball speed was just u
  12. This year I've played Ventus, TZ6, Lin-Q purple, The Attas, Rogue 130 White. For ME I'd rank them: 1. UST "The Attas" - No idea why this works for me but it does. Major kick and balls speeds highest I've ever produced. 2. Aldila Rogue 130 White - Great feel and best shaft I've used to play a cut fade exclusively. 3. Fujikura Ventus - Very stable feel. Good dispersion just couldn't get ball speed to the top 2. 4. UST Lin-Q Purple - Hard to find. Didn't work in driver but my favorite 3-wood shaft of all time. 5. Accra TZ6 - Couldn't get along with it. To be honest, I think I tipped it too m
  13. What is your handicap: 6 Current driver shaft and flex: Ventus Blue 6x Have you tried Ventus before: yes Choose your Ventus model (Red or Black): Red Choose your weight and flex: 6x Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  14. I'll agree on the Catalyst 100 6.5 for best graphite shaft I've ever used. I played X100 then went down to Recoil 110 Prototype F5. Then dropped weight again to Catalyst 100 6.5. I can't explain it but the Recoil 110 felt lighter than the Catalyst 100. Might be the stiffness or balance of the weight. Great stability, smooth feel, perfect.
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