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  1. Well my bag changed. FINALLY found a #7 with no insert. The Stroke Lab series have milled faces and I couldn’t be happier.
  2. 52/58 for me, less options, the more simple I keep the game the better I play. There’s nothing green side or full shot I can’t confidently hit with the 2.
  3. Just mentioned this in the other 3w thread.. Titleist 915F w/ Elements Chrome 85g, swings like a baseball bat and I can hit it off any lie. I’d would give up every club in my bag except for that one.
  4. Titleist 915F w/ Elements Chrome 85g. Swings like a baseball and hit it a mile off any lie. Love it to death.
  5. Sold 3 sets and kept my Z745 3-PW. It now I’m on the look out for 945 or 965.. should’ve gone 9’s from the start they’re just as easy to hit as the 7’s and look just that much better.
  6. How do you manage 8* between your PW and 54? Short stroke the PW for the inbetween distances?
  7. All good input here guys thanks a lot. Like many have mentioned, the 60 was just unecessary for me and whether it was not enough practice with it was just costing me green side strokes. Opening up the 58 has been more than enough when I need it. Having a simple bump and run and a little more loft when there’s something between the lie and the landing spot has been exactly what I’ve been looking for. I also added a little more relief to my 58 and I was surprised how much I could tell the difference and I’m still a 12 hcp. I go D, 3w, 4i. Would love to add a club between the 3w and 4i but my b
  8. The most club ho’ing I’ve done has been with wedges. All the different shapes, grinds, lofts have been fun to tinker with. I’ve settle on a PW, 52, 58 setup. For some reason the simplicity has taken a lot of guess work out of green side and full shots. Anyone else use something similar?
  9. +1 on the bag used for visitors. But that bag is my wife’s clubs technically.. which were clubs I ho’d that we had fitted to her. Living in Hawaii, family and friends likes to visit whenever they can and they use hers. My only non-gamers are 1 of 2 putters I swap out whenever I want a change.
  10. Pingman with 3 wraps on my Kingston KP2 longneck gamer. Flatso 1.0 on my #7.
  11. I had the “Spieth sightline” put on my custom Kingston KP2 and it was a “game changer” for me. I can’t even look at a flange line any more. Wanted to give a #7 a go and couldn’t get along with the 3 dot top sightline, only the solid.
  12. If I don’t score this #7 off the BST, I’ll be going with one of these
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