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  1. Ive gone from mizuno 919 forged with Nippon 105 x-flex wich are 112grams i belive to KBs 130 x-stiff in Taylormade 770 Irons wich are in the 132gram Range Swingspeed is 113-115 with driver Can honestly say its changed my game. With the old Irons i was constantly figthing Hooks and the left miss in generel ! After Ive gotten the new shafts the left miss is pretty much gone and i Play a fade like with my driver. My handicap had gone from 7.8 to 4.8 in a few months without doing anymore pratice ( i almost never pratice ) and play 1-2 rounds each week excecpt in the Winter time ( the weather in Denmark is crap in the Winter ) and Ive never been lower in handicap. My All time lowest with the old Irons was 6.2 I honestly belive come spring/summer, i can get to 2-3 handicap with the new Irons/shafts Ive greatly benefitet from heavier shafts
  2. Depends on the shaft i think ? I had to wait 4 months for mine, wich did turn into 3 months instead though, so i Guess i was "lucky" Mine are with KBs tour 130 x-flex shafts
  3. It felt very nice on the first round out. Felt i could go at it, without fear of going left, wich does happen from time to time with my tensei White shaft Nice small cuts every tee shot
  4. Just had the first round with it. It was awesome ! Seemed to gain a bit more overall length, wich was what i was hoping for, but also hit some monsters, so might be spinning a tad lower aswell I dont understand why you wrote its a stronger shaft though ? What i can see from specs, it seems the Tensei white raw has more torque ? Or am i reading the specs wrong ?
  5. Thanks for the fast response. Will buy it, and give it a go
  6. You think 113-115 is enough for a shaft like that ? With very late release
  7. Hi. Im currently playing the Tensei White x-flex but wondering how it stacks against a Diamana Df 60 TX ? Can get the Diamana Df 60 TX pretty cheap, so might buy it, just to test it out. It plays 45 and my current plays 45.5 Thats another reason i wanna try. To see if s shorter driver can make med find the center of the driver face more often
  8. 6 handicap here Im from 112-116 depending on how the body feels with a normal swing Play the prov1x left dash because i struggle a bit with to much spin
  9. Im proud i didnt let golf win. I had actully quit my membership last year, because i was fighting a Hook and pretty much gave up on my goal of getting under handicap 5. Currently handicap 7.4 and lowest Ive gotten is 6.2 i think and startet playing when i was 30 and now 35 years old I can move The Ball pretty good. Swing speed 113-116 with driver, and im a good driver of The Ball. Best part of my game. I pretty much never Hook driver. Play driver with a small fade, if anything But Irons... Im not sure ill ever get rid og my Hook. I can get good rounds going, but there are always 1-3 Holes where my Irons get me into trouble and last year the frustration got the Better of med and i quit. I started again in april this year The Hook is getting a bit less, so hopefully next year ill break 5, even though my handicap hasnt moved at alle this year, so had been a crappy season But yes, most proud of not letting golf win
  10. Thats a good question. Havent actully tried that ! Will give that shot today aswell
  11. https://www.google.dk/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Facushnet.scene7.com%2Fis%2Fimage%2Ftitleist%2F5050-SureFit-TSi-20201202%3Fwid%3D600%26qlt%3D75%26resMode%3Dsharp2&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.titleist.com%2Ffitting%2Fgolf-club-fitting%2Fsurefit&tbnid=UPnzKILdbi5OIM&vet=12ahUKEwiEx-3ox5_yAhXF16QKHbCgCDcQMygAegUIARCqAQ..i&docid=L960gNqWpTbl_M&w=600&h=425&q=titleist tsi3 settings&ved=2ahUKEwiEx-3ox5_yAhXF16QKHbCgCDcQMygAegUIARCqAQ Im pretty sure my driver is in H2. Will try and set it in T2 before tomorrows round
  12. Im not sure what ventus shaft would suit me. Dont have the option to get try any, so would have to buy one on chance Can you perhaps recommend one for my swing speed ?
  13. Hi So im having pretty poor strikes with driver. My swing speed is 113-116 and currently gaming a TSI3 with a Tensei white x-flex with standard length. Cant remember where the wieght is set, but can check later, when i get down to my bag. I was fittet to that driver sep last year, so my swing has probely changed a bit since I was just on a trackman to try and see my strikes on driver, and they mostly where towards the toe and ballspeed is pretty low compared to speed. Around 166 to 168 with the odd getting over 170 Its probely more a swing issue then anything, but was wondering, if a bad fit driver, can cause more toe strikes ? Im not to to upset about the strikes, since driver is the strongest part of my game. Good at keeping it in play, but it does get a bit anoying, when i loose out on alot of yards 9 out 10 times I ofcourse dont expect to hit it out the middel every time, but getting a bit more length and consistent strike out of driver would be nice Im not swinging out of my shoes, but has to be said i pretty much never practice my driver on the range, since i trust it more then anything in my bag, so i focus on other parts of the game instead, so not practicing it driiver aswell, can probely tribute to the more poor strikes But can a wrong shaft, or wrong settings on driver cause toe strikes, or is it more swing issue or lack of practice, or the things combined ? Soprry in advance for the poor english Just checked. Driver is in H2 setting
  14. Think it might have been the shafts ? I just got my 770 today with KBS 130 x-flex and that took 3 months ! I first got quoted 2 months, then that changed to 4 months and then got a call a few days ago, that they where on the way, 1 month ahead of time
  15. Delivery times are insane. Im finally getting my Taylormade 770 next week after a bit over 3 months. They where first set for 2 months delivery time. Then changed to 4 months and then got a mail that i Will get Them next week. So a 3 Weeks faster then intented, but still very very slow delivery times
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